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Hardcore car cleaners will love (or hate) the Power Sidekick which won awards at this year’s SEMA show for its multiple car washing attachments and quick change functionality.  Though their website is a bit short on details, it loosk to us as if the Sidkick’s brush and polishing pad are both driven by the air moved via the ‘kick’s vacuum.  All the attachments connect to the red “power unit” which contains the battery.

The manufacturer says it takes an hour and a half to charge the 12V NiCd battery to full power, which they say supports a runtime of about twenty minutes in vacuum mode and around 45 minutes in polish mode.  (Better wash fast — or have a second battery around.)

The worst downside, though, is cost: at least $130 for the whole kit.  That rag bucket is looking better by the minute.

Power Sidekick [Power Sidekick]


One Response to (In a Ginsu Knife Voice) It Washes! It Waxes! It Vacuums! It Polishes!

  1. Freddie says:

    why doesn’t it have a cord? Does anybody here go and wash their cars in the wild?

    With a cord you miss out on carrying around a battery though. And you never get to replace your battery after 500 charge/Recharge cycles either.

    The drive-through close to where I live is only like $10.00. No elbow grease at all.

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