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This Craftsman product claims to kill two unpleasant tasks with one tool by combining a gas powered, 2-cycle trimmer and a leaf blower into one string-trimmer-shaped beast.  We do have one concern, though: it looks like it might be a bit bottom-heavy. 

This trimmer/blower hybrid starts out with Craftsman’s 32cc, 2-cycle engine that features the Incredi-pull start system.  “Incredi”-hype aside, this means that it has an auto choke that simplifies starting to just a quick priming or two then a yank on the cord.  At the bottom is a pretty standard 16″ trimmer head with a large handle switch that redirects the engine’s power from the trimmer to a small rotary blower attachment to blow away cuttings.

We don’t expect super power from the little blower, but reviews on the Sears site say the blower has good power for its size.  Heck, if it can just move the cuttings back onto the grass or down the driveway, that’d be good enough for home use.

Street pricing starts at $169.

Trimmer/Blower [Craftsman]
Street Pricing [Google Product Seach]


4 Responses to Craftsman’s Trimmer and Blower All Rolled Into One

  1. Freddie says:

    a big fat NO.
    Sorry guys, If I’m gonna have a big spinning thing in my hands, I’d rather have it as simple as possible. As for these string trimmers, a friend of mine once attached two 3 inch mulcher blades to one. (DOH!, but then Homer wasn’t there to warn him…) Nearly took off his foot.

    Definitely use the Unix mentality here. One tool, One use.

  2. Marina says:

    I have one of these and it has done a great job so far, only problem is that the cord will not retract any more. I like fixing things myself and was wondering if there is a manual to show me how to fix it. As for attaching other things, I don’t think that’s a good idea.It is slightly heavy, but I only need it to do what it is supposed to. Hope someone can help me out.

  3. Gilles Dube says:

    I have one of these also & love it for what it does . Did have trouble with pull cord also , so I took it aprt myself & found that it was wrapped-up inside & needed to be lubricated . put it back together & also had to adjkust the choke on it . Runs relly good , very happy with it .

  4. jim meunier says:

    Where can I find parts for the shaft on a Craftman 2 in 1 Trimmer/blower.

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