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If you love the old-school vibe you get from wearing a nail apron but don’t want to cough up $12 or more for one, Husky’s got your back with a 5-pocket nylon apron for a whopping $4.  Besides, I actually used one of these while making some spot repairs on a roof the other day, and was favorably impressed with the strength of the material and the comfort.  Fasteners didn’t poke through the material as mush as one might expect with thin nylon.  In short: it rocked.

And it gives off that carbon-fiber feeling at the cheap-o nylon price.  Seriously, despite the fact that it’s cheap, it’s a tough little apron.  It features two big fastener pockets in the middle and three small tool pockets for razor knives, pencils, and well, whatever crap you want to carry ’round. 

Nail Apron [Husky]
Street Prcing [Google Product Search]


5 Responses to Cheap-Ass Tools: Husky’s Nail Apron

  1. Chris Morse says:

    Not to sound to much like an old man. Heck, I’m only 32. But I remember when you got these for free from the lumber yard since they had the yard’s name on them. Granted, they were thin cotton and wore out in a month or two. But if you’re wearing ’em out chances are you’ll be back at the lumber yard in that time.

  2. nicholas alvarado says:

    I really am in need of the husky nail apron. Can you plaese tell me how to go on line to order them? Or is there a store I dont know of cause I just cant find them. I cant even leave home without it.

  3. Rosie says:

    Hey,, I just made one of these for my boyfriend, using the same pattern, and some really thick black canas fabric I had, really easy to make and can be customized as well! I went online and printed out the logo of his company on transfer paper, now, all the guys want one! Since I can make them for the hefty real husky guys! LoL!! If you guys have a girlfriend, wife or mommy, have them make you one! Makes a great present for the guys if the girlfriend wears it with tools inside….. 🙂

  4. jose says:

    where in the world could i get me one of this pouch! ive been looking around but nothing. it would be great if you guys could help thanks. 🙂

  5. Bob Fraser says:

    Please send information on ordering this apron online. My local home depot does not have them anymore.

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