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Grab a beer and learn how to select and install pegboard in your shop.  We’ll talk you though finding ‘board stout enough to hold your tools and help you avoid some of the common mistakes in tacking it up.  (Podcast Download)


7 Responses to One Beer Projects: Selecting And Installing Pegboard

  1. Stuart says:

    sound quality good, fake beer opening sounds were not. Subject good, but Pegboard still sucks, outlining tools even more and thank God no one mentioned screwing the lids of baby jars for holding rustly old bent nails in place over your flimsy “Fathers Day Special Workbench”. So overall it’s a good start! Lets talk bins next…


  2. Chuck Cage says:

    Stuart: Hey — as I mentioned in the ‘cast itself, I hate pegboard, too. Sean likes it, so we thought it’d make an interesting topic.

    The beer sounds, BTW, are not fake. Sure, we don’t guzzle one every time we record — hey, maybe we should — but we did drink a beer during each of the first few. Later we found ourselves recording during times when we couldn’t afford to drink, so I borrowed the sounds from the earlier ‘casts. It really is beer, and we really did drink it — at least when I recorded the sound the first time.

    Re: baby food jars — I’ve always hated the mounted-top jar system, but my Dad had a rack on the wall in the shop full of baby food jars, each labeled and containing a specific size of (new!) screw/other fastener. The jars just sat in the rack, so you could grab a whole jar and take it (top and all) to wherever you were working. It worked great, but it’s a bit bulky in our day and time when there are so many sweet commercial storage systems available (for cheap, too).

  3. Stuart says:

    OK, I guess I didn’t mean the beer sounds were fake, just that I could detect the closer micing and what seemed like an edit there. Couldn’t afford to drink? I can’t imagine that! Your voice recording and levels were uncommonly good for a ‘podcast’.

  4. Freddie says:

    I prefer a good toolbox myself. It is kinda cool to see all your tools at once I suppose…

  5. Kurt Schwind says:

    For all you pegboard haters out there, BEHOLD: http://www.decluttered.com/

    This alone is reason to join peg-board-lovers of America.

  6. Zef Davis says:

    Yeah I agree a toolbox is nice for my higher end tools…but for all the other clutter in shop I would use pegboard organization.

    But for my special thin wrenches which are my babies….no way!

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