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Besides the red lens — which is definitely useful for keeping your night vision intact — we’re a little skeptical about the Brinkmann Rebel’s other colored lenses: a blue light for “shining through glass” and a yellow light “to penetrate fog.”  They seem more Stayin’ Alive than MacGyver to us, but we’ve been wrong before.

Other than the extra colored lenses, the rebel is a pretty much a standard dual-AA-powered LED flashlight.  It features an ABS plastic frame with a rubber grip, and its switch is located in the rear cap. 

Its $20 price tag might push it out of the range of some Toolmongers, but its flashy styling and colored lenses are sure to draw the food-court-Navy-Seal-types — you know, the ones hanging out near the sporting goods store at the mall in BDUs and say things like “procure a Slurpy” and “be advised.”

The Rebel [Brinkmann]
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6 Responses to Brinkmann’s LED Rebel: Disco Or Commando?

  1. Kurt Schwind says:

    The belt clip is a nice touch. You don’t want to have to reach into your pocket when “Staying Alive” starts playing.

  2. Fong says:

    I have this flashlight; or rather Had. It sat in my glove box about 90% of the time in the 1.5 years I had it. The amount of light output seemed less than a mini-mag. After awhile I’d have to fidget with it just to get it to come on and then it just stopped working. I never bothered to figure out exactly what went wrong but I’d imagine using any sort of colored filter would diminish the light output to a useless level. Definitely not recommended.

  3. Eric says:

    It’s not even worth a look, I have one of these, it’s pretty pathetic when you put it next to the new LED mini mags, which are the same price. And you can just buy the colored lenses for a mini mag. They’re only a couple of dollars, and come with a red, blue, and yellow lens, a pocket clip, and a wrist lanyard.

  4. Mosley Hardy says:

    FWIW, the blue lens is very useful if you need to see anything marked in yellow ink. It turns it gray.

  5. Freddie says:

    We had coloured lenses like these issued to us in the air force. The red one’s good if you don’t want people to see your light from miles away. The blue one was good for fine work while keeping your light dim. I forget what yellow was for. So if your ever crawling around in your dark workshop and want to have a dimmer light…

  6. JaAlMi says:

    I have this flashlight, and it works just fine. I’ve had it for about 2 or 3 years now, and it’s working like new. I found out that if you cover the lenses in clear plastic wrap, it helps with dark spots caused by scratches. Except, that causes it to not be as bright. Oh well, still a good deal. I’ve dropped countless times, and rolled it over on a bike rider, when it make a zip sound when I rode over it, and it works the same. But you have to admit, a Mag Light works better. But for a simple belt/pocket light, it’s pretty good. Just keep in mind, when you buy it, try to keep the lenses scratch free, or otherwise you’ll find some small but still there dark spots.

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