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Seeking a cheap, portable chop-saw table?  You needn’t look any further than Norm Abram’s New Yankee Workshop.  Norm recently built a station that’s both sturdy and relatively easy to construct, and the plans are just $11.

The sweetest part: Norm’s table design is constructed entirely from wood, so it’s simple to replace any parts that wear out or break from repeated moving, setup, and takedown because you already have the plans to construct a new part. 

If you’re not comfortable working from plans alone, a full video costs only $15 more.  Better get cuttin’.

Portable Chop Saw Table [New Yankee Workshop]
Street Pricing [Google Product Search]


12 Responses to Norm’s Kick-Ass New Yankee Chop Saw Table

  1. Kelley Nelson says:

    This looks pretty interesting – heck of a lot less expensive than the Dewalt or Bosch stands. This also has a solid table for the workpiece instead of just using rollers – nice when you are working on long pieces of thin moldings that flex.

    Rather than purpose-building a table for my miter saw, I use a 3/4 in piece of plywood and some sawhorses. I built a pair of extension wings that bolt to the plywood and look a lot like the ones in norm’s plan (but simpler and longer). They’re great for working with long lengths of crown molding.

  2. Joel Wires says:

    WOOD magazine had a really good, modular/customizable version for a bench/top that I really like. I was planning to build it, but this one looks very interesting.

    Again, the plans from WOOD are not free but pretty cheap. Check them out here:


    This could be done on an old door on some sawhorses on location if needed.


  3. l_bilyk says:

    As far as i’m concerned the ridgid MS-UV is hands down the best portable miter saw stand. And since from time to time they sell for less than $150, I see little sense in making one of these.

    I agree with Kelley, the dewalt and bosch stands are waaaaaay to expensive. That may change once the bosch gravity-rise stand comes out… but until then, the MS-UV is the cat’s meow

  4. Jake says:

    Unfortunately, I don’t hae room to dedicate my miter saw to its own stand. However, benchtop workstations are pretty straightforward, so I wouldn’t think you’d need to bother with a plan. Here’s another one, to give people some ideas: http://www.woodnet.net/tips/general-shop-tips/miter-saw-workstation/

  5. Simon says:

    http://www.flickr.com/search/?q=saw&w=49503154838%40N01 shows a strip of T-Slot as a fence and sliding stop – not very portable though.

  6. nrChris says:

    l_bilyk is right about the Ridgid MS-UV, and they are currently $99 at the major Ridgid retailer.

    I cannot get over the product that I received for $100. It folds down nicely and rolls out of the way, but when you want to use it, it provides an incredible platform.

  7. KaiserM715 says:

    This is a similar type setup that my dad has been using for 20 years. His design has a top that is removable from the base for easier transportation (the heavy saw sitting directly on the bed of a trailer / pickup is a lot more stable and safer than sitting 4 feet up). He built hand holds (oval holes cut into the table) on each side of the saw to lift and carry the top. All of it is made from 2×4’s and some waxed particle board for the table top.

  8. Don says:

    That looks like a great table. Norm is the bomb. I saw another nice table in wood magazine. I don’t have a link but it was made from a single sheet of plywood and it was colapsable.

  9. Don says:

    The wood magazine version was in the March 2007 Issue 175. I guess you’d have to have a subscription or buy the back issue.

  10. Richard Fritz says:

    This project looks interesting, but I was actualy loking for a way of mounting my skil saw for use as a table saw. I once had something similar made of metal & plastic complete with keyed safety interlock switch. It worked great til it was stolen from my brothers pickup truck (aprox.30 years ago). Any Ideas.

  11. her is yet another really cool miter saw stand. I built ita few weeks ago and love it.

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