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This long-handled bit wrench is intended for installing automotive door hinges where you’ve really got to lay in some torque accurately to get the job done.  But there’s no reason you couldn’t use it anywhere you need to apply large force to a small fastener with a hex, Torx, or square head. 

Its elongated, heat-treated steel handle not only acts as a lever, it also allows access to tight areas.  The heads magnetic socket holds any of the set’s twenty bits including hex, Torx, and triple-square bits.

Sadly, its price packs as much wallop as the wrench: street pricing starts around $90.

Extra Long Bit Wrench [Kastar]
Street Pricning [Google Product Search]


3 Responses to An Extra-Long-Handled Bit Wrench: A Screwdriver With A Twist

  1. benjamen says:

    90 Bucks?! How could someone charge that much, I bought a 4 inch long version of this for less than $5 buck at Menards (I’m sure HF has something similar). I’ll just stick the appropriate size pipe on the end of my cheap ass version and save myself 85 bucks!

  2. eschoendorff says:

    It’s a nice tool – but $90 is a lot for what it is. The tool itself is made in the US, though. Snap On actually rebadges a lot of Kastar stuff. I don’t know where the bits are made….

  3. Old Donn says:

    For $90 it had better scratch your back and wind your watch!

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