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Brandon writes: ” The buddy bar is one of my favorite tools.  I’ve never seen it marketed or advertised anywhere but it seems to be a popular item in the aircooled VW community.  There are many situations in which you need to loosen a fastener in a rotating assembly such as an axle nut, gland nut, or crank bolt.  The buddy bar allows you to safely immobilize a rotating assembly by slipping it over bolts in that assembly and holding it securely against another stationary surface.  For instance to remove an axle nut you slip the smaller holes in the periphery around the wheel studs of a brake disc or drum and set the handle of the buddy bar against the ground.  A socket and breaker bar goes through the large hole in the center and is able to loosen the axle nut without the hub rotating or, if it is a driven wheel, without damaging the axle or transmission.  It makes what is often a two man job into a one man job.  It’s your ‘buddy’ when you just can’t get a friend to come over to the garage and lend a hand.  It also makes these operations safer as two people are not pushing against each other, so there’s a much smaller chance of a wrench flying off and injuring someone.”

I have to admit that I love hearing about this kind of specialty tool, because in my book owning this kind of tool makes one a true Toolmonger.  Sure, you may not currently own an air-cooled VW, but who knows when you’ll want to pick one up or when a friend’ll show up at your place with one?

This is also the kind of tool that you end up making and sticking in the drawer when you have a welder.  But if you don’t have a welder, fear not: it’s available for $30 from Vee Dub Parts.

Buddy Bar Flywheel & Drum Removal Tool [Vee Dub Parts]


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  1. Chris says:

    I’ve already needed something like that for my water-cooled VDub. I can imagine any car mechanic could need it now and again. I ran into a need for this when changing out my flywheel. to get the 44 ft/lbs + 1/4 turn for the bolts (yep, that’s the VW spec.), my buddy and I wedged a screwdriver between a couple of the pressure plate bolts, and grabbed the edge with a rag, and it was STILL barely enough.

    found out later you can do the same thing with a crescent wrench, although this tool looks much longer

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