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Here’s a specialty tool that’ll save you a ton of time if you happen to own a Harley with a malfunctioning neutral light: a transmission neutral light wrench.  Of course, if you don’t own a Harley — or own a Sportster or a soft-tail, which this tool doesn’t work with — it won’t help you one bit.
It features an extended, low-profile 7/8” head that fits your hog’s switch and a short handle that won’t interfere with any gauges or the tree.  And yeah, it’s pretty pricey at $45 bucks, but is price really an issue for you if you already bleed HD orange?

Transmission Neutral light Switch Wrench [Kastar]
Street Pricing [Google Product Search]


One Response to A Tool Only Hog Owners Will Appreciate

  1. Old Donn says:

    Like the post said, unless you’ve got a Sportster, in which case the neutral light is replaced by the left foot braile system.

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