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Matt writes: “The Schrade ‘Tough Tool’ ST1 is an incredible multi-tool — tough as nails and solid as a rock.  I’ve owned it for years and it’s survived all the abuse I could throw at it.  The key selling point for this $40 tool is that the fold-out tools are on the sides of the handle and not on the ends where you’d normally grip it to dig in.  Some of the tools in the handle — the saw, both screwdrivers, and the knife — also lock in place.  I’d buy it again if I lost it, and I’d rely on it (still) in a pinch.”

We couldn’t locate a $40 ST1, though we found lots of references to the $23 ST1N.  As far as we can tell, the ST1N simply comes with a nylon (instead of a leather) case.  Of course, if any of you have heard differently, let us know in comments.

The ST1 “Tough Tool” [Taylor Brands, Inc.]
Street Pricing [Google Product Search]
Via Amazon [What’s this?]


4 Responses to A Multi-Tool With Side-Facing Tools For A Comfy Grip

  1. N I Fisher says:

    Leatherman came out with the Wave for this exact same problem I believe. They put the large knives on the outside and used it as a way to roll the edges of the grip so it didn’t have sharp metal digging into your hand.

  2. R Goins says:

    I have one and really like it BUT one day I was using the large flat screwdriver and really wasn’t putting that much pressure on it when it bent the locking mechanism and now it doesn’t lock. A little weak in that department otherwise it is a very good tool.

  3. Seth Joseph Weine says:

    In my opinion, the original ST1 is a great tool, and I love mine. But that’s when they were made in the USA. The ones that are being marketed now are made overseas–and you can guess where. There’s a great article on Multitool.org explaining the merits of the original ST1, and comparing it with the later version.

  4. mirkosvw says:

    I am the proud owner of these “ST1 Schrade” Tough Tool ” 4 years ! 🙂

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