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Think of the Strike Allnailer as a cross between a hammerdrill and a nailer — it holds a nail between its “pincers” and drives it home with repeated blows from a reciprocating hammer assembly.  The manufacturer says it’ll handle most any nail up to 6″ long that you can fit in its jaws, and you can preset the drive depth.

It seems to us that driving the nail with multiple blows would improve safety.  Most nailers we’ve seen deliver all the force required to drive the nail in a single, massive blow, and it’s that force that can drive a mis-fed or otherwise reflected nail into your body.  Of course, most pros will require a magazine-fed nailer, but we’d guess that DIYers are more nailer-accident prone than pros anyway.

According to specs it accept nails with heads up to 10mm in diameter, driving them with 5500 blows per minute.  It ships with two 18V batteries and a smart charger, and Global Machinery Corp. says it’ll drive nails for around an hour on a single charge.

The bad news: GMC is based in Australia and this isn’t available in the states yet.  We understand it streets for around $179 Australian, which would be a heck of a deal in the U.S. — about $150.  Look for a great video of the Allnailer in operation on the GMC pages.

The ALN18V Strike Allnailer [GMC Company]


9 Responses to Preview: A Multiple-Blow Electric Hammer

  1. Randy says:

    Sounds like it has potential anyway. I’m looking forward to a test if you can ever get one. I don’t think I’ve seen a pneumatic nailer that could handle a 6″ nail.

  2. OhioHead says:

    You can read a review of this new tool on the “non US based” tool review website – http://www.onlinetoolreviews.com

    There also is a great review of the Festool “Domino” – FYI!

    Hope this helps everyone out,


  3. Jeff says:

    Does this nailer need to be manualy loaded with each nail? If so…why not just drive her home by hand?

  4. l_bilyk says:

    So it’s an electric palm nailer?

  5. Firemanpiper says:

    O.k, so it’s kinda a more capable air palm nailer?

  6. Sean O'Hara says:

    Well yes, except it’s not air powered and it strikes the nail many times instead of just once and it can except almost any sized nail. 🙂

  7. Rick Graham says:

    I’m salivating awaiting it’s arrival here in the U.S. As far as I can tell Amazon seems to be the only place to get it – when it gets here.

    I have the Stanley and Porter Cable “Palm” or “Hand” pneumatic nailers that works as multistrike nailers. Nails are held magnetically with both. I *want* this 18v portable one with the nail gripper. GMC products are turning heads here as an alternative to Oriental imports and high priced tools living on their manufacturer name like Porter Cable.

  8. jcssmuipph says:

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  9. l_bilyk says:

    I saw one of these in the store for around 130. I think I may buy it just to try it

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