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The Pedalo grout cleaning system keeps you off your knees and on your feet when dealing with freshly-installed grout — saving both time and wear and tear on your body.  The core of the system is an aluminum pole with a grout sponge attachment and a matching, serrated, foot-driven “squeegee” bucket. 

Pedalo also includes a soft, yellow hand sponge for smaller clean ups.

You’re probably thinking — if you’ve never cleaned grout before — what makes this different than a mop?  Easy: mops just smear the grout around, whereas specially-designed grout sponges get down into the spaces between tiles and clean off more easily.  They do, however, require a uniquely-shaped bucket to work correctly.  This is the first one we’ve seen that’s foot-operated.

Saving your back isn’t cheap, though.  Street pricing starts at around $250 for the whole system.  With that kind of buy-in, you might want to just wear some knee pads. 

Pedalo Grout Cleaning System [Contractor Direct]
Street Pricing [Google Product Search]


4 Responses to It’s Better To Die On Your Feet Than Live On Your Knees

  1. George C says:

    While this tool looks useful for those big tile projects, I’ve been making do with a 5-gallon bucket and a metal roller screen. Does the job of cleaning off the sponges well and at a much cheaper price.

  2. Fong says:

    Excellent! My last tile job was about 350 square feet of kitchen, bathrooms, dining room, entry way and laundry room. It wasn’t so much my knees that hurt but the knee pad straps bunched up behind my knees. This would’ve saved my back too. Somebody’s thinking.

  3. SeanM says:

    Looks good for the contractor who’s cleaning hundreds of sq. feet per day, such as in a commercial environment. I’ll stick with sponge and bucket for my purposes though.

    George C: What does the roller screen do? Do you use it to squeeze the sponge out? Does this keep you from having to remove grout from the sponge with your hands?

  4. I personally find it difficult to use anything on a pole. Pole sander? I’m completely inept. It’s just easier to get a ladder and get right under it. Therefore I can assume that I wouldn’t be able to use this tool properly.

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