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Today the (normally) best-and-brightest at Google decided to jump off the cool-name bandwagon, changing the aptly-named Froogle service’s moniker to the more pedestrian “Google Product Search.”

We’re big fans of Froogle’s Google Product Search’s functionality — so much so that we include a link on every tool post where the service returns a hit.   It helps us show you the real “street” price of the items we write about.  But we simply can’t understand why they’d bail on such a great name.  “Froogle” combined in one incredibly-well-thought-out word both what the service did and who was doing it.  “Google Product Search,” well, doesn’t.

As far as we’re concerned, this change ejects Google from the “brilliant name club” — where it hob-nobbed with the likes of Stanley (“FUBAR“) and Channellock (“BigAZZ pliers“) — right into “wussed-out crowd central.”  Now they can commiserate with Snap-on (who passed on “Crud Thug” to go with the infinitely-less-memorable “PT280THUGA Air Removal Tool”) and Microsoft (“SQL Server” — now that’s original).

Shame.  But thanks, Google, for the service — and for not breaking our links.


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  1. Joel says:

    This sucks, I too liked Froogle better, I would think to my self “Lets go Froogle a new laptop” but “Lets go Google Product search a new laptop” doesn’t have the same ring to it.

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