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Grab a beer and learn how to plan your car’s 30K/60K mile service, avoiding the traps of dealer package deals to do the job right — and on the cheap.  We’ll talk you through compiling the real list of required maintenance from your car’s service schedule then help you decide which parts you can do yourself, which parts you’ll want to pay others to do, and how to find the best deals on the jobs you’re sending out.  (Podcast Download)


One Response to One Beer Projects: Planning Your Car’s 30K/60K Service

  1. mrbell says:

    Would you consider providing an outline of what you are going to talk about of the page? It took you guys about a minute and a half to get to spark-plugs which (IMHO) is way way too long. (In pop music, 30 seconds is about right to get to the hook) I listened through the spark-plugs segment but decided to write you this note instead of finishing the podcast. Not because I though you did a bad job (it was ok.) but because I didn’t want to wait around to find out if it was something I wanted to listen too.

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