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Setting up a table saw for basic cuts is a challenge for many DIYers, and setting up the cuts required to form a pentagon or hexagon can be downright impossible — unless you happen to have this layout guide from Veritas. It looks like a hexagon deformed from a bad fall, but each corner represents the angle required to form a particular shape, either four, five, six, eight, or even twelve-sided.

As it’s essentially a “jig,” this gauge works perfectly well with any wood cutting tools — table saws, radial arm saws, and band saws alike. Simply select the appropriately-angled corner and adjust the fence to fit. Or, you can stand it up vertically with its slotted brass knob acting as a base to stabilize and hold the gauge upright while you use both hands to adjust and lock a fence or blade to the correct angle.

We can imagine employing this for to make unusually-shaped picture frames, though there must be thousands of uses.
Street pricing starts at around $40.

Veritas Poly-Gauge [Veritas]
Street Pricing [Froogle]


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