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Latex paint is known for its low odor, quick dry time, and flowing coverage.  Rattle-can painting is known for its simplicity — and messy clean-ups.  What if the two met Reese’s-PB-and-chocolate-car-accident style?  The result: Krylon’s new H2O spray-can latex — complete with all the benefits of water-based latex paint and rattle-can application plus overspray that cleans up with soap and water.

Like brush-on latex, Krylon’s H2O sticks to wood, metal, wicker, and even Styrofoam, but it doesn’t require you to clean a brush afterwards.  Spray application also dramatically simplifies the task of painting in tight spots, and without the clean-up issues of standard spray paint sounds like a great way to coat a quick DIY project in the garage or driveway.

Krylon H2O is available in 22 colors and is priced competitively at about $4 a can — about what you’d expect to pay for a can of spray paint these days.  That said, it’s relatively new and we haven’t had a chance to get our hands on any yet.  We’ll work on scheduling a hands-on, but if you’ve tried it out already, let us know in comments.

PS: I really hate that Krylon went to the trouble of including their MasterCard in the publicity photo.  As you might imagine, we have no interest in it, but we were too lazy to remove it.  Pretend you didn’t see it, OK?

H2O Water Based Latex Spray Paint [Krylon]
Street Pricing [Froogle]
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4 Responses to Latex Paint In A Rattle Can? That’s Innovation At Work!

  1. BJN says:

    What a lovely shade of yellow to sell a latex paint. Finally, a Krylon credit card! Huffers rejoice!

    22 colors sounds like quite a few until you need to match an existing color. I’ll stick with Preval aerosol spray bottles for this kind of latex application, thanks.


  2. Brau says:

    Countdown until the first me-too brand named “Spray-tex” begins today.

  3. fabmandan says:

    This isn’t new, they’re just marketing it more (gotta be green). I’ve been using this for a couple of years for furniture. It was called Krylon Latex, no H2o. It really works well. Nice smooth gloss finish. And it doesn’t stink.

  4. ryan says:

    I just went to Krylon’s website. That Mastercard is a free $5 giftcard with purchase of 2 cans…

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