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Douglas writes: “The Stanley multi-saw is nice to have in the tool box for quick and rough cuts.  It takes any standard hacksaw or reciprocating saw blade and has a nice, large rubber grip that fills the hand.”

I have a cheap version of this that only accepts reciprocating saw blades.  This would be much handier as a standard hacksaw blade is generally longer than a metal recip saw blade and therefore easier to use — if you’ve got the space to spare.

Street pricing starts around $13, and we found it on Amazon for $8.20 — not a bad entry price to leverage your existing blades.

Cushion Grip Multi-Saw [Stanley]
Street Pricing [Froogle]
Via Amazon [What’s this?]


6 Responses to Turn Your Hacksaw And Recip Saw Blades Into Hand Saws

  1. Kevin Jack says:

    I could have used one of these just a couple of weeks ago. Instead I cut my hack saw blade in half and used it while wearing a glove. I like this idea better!

  2. Chris Ball says:

    There are lots of cheapy holders for hacksaw blades, just look in the dollar bin in your local discount tool place. Unfortunately hacksaw blades aren’t stiff enough to be very useful in this application unless you are very slow and methodical. A long sawzall blade works much better because it won’t bend and bind up in your cut. Milwaukee makes a sawzall blade holder that whilst kindof expensive is very nice, it has a threaded back so you can use it with a broom handle extension it uses the same quick release collar that their regular sawzallls have so it is quick and convenient. They also sell a bunch of speciality blades for use with the handle.


    I’ve had lots of occasion to use both types of blade holder over the years and once I bought the milwaukee job saw, I threw away all my hacksaw blade holders. Well worth it if you can get over the sticker shock and a much better deal if you buy the kit.

    I have no experience with the this stanley one although I have seen it around but the lack of a quick release is a deal killer for me. I talk a bit more about these things in a 4×4 context on this page here (about halfway down): http://www.borderlinebc.ca/borderlinebc/offroad/tech/gear.shtml

  3. Eric Corson says:

    Yeah- Got couple years ago @ dreaded HF store, IS nice though I only use it for a hacksaw blade installed for PULL stroke to cut bolts from side otherwise inaccessble. On a budget the fact that it does accept sawzall blades is a plus. BUT it is good to have the sweet quick lock Milwaukee which as previous gentleman mentioned accepts extension poles. Also Lennox makes a sweet recip blade folder!

  4. John Eisenhower says:

    I bought the Kobalt version a couple months ago from Lowes. I like that half of a standard hacksaw blade goes into the handle, so you can push the blade back in for tight quarters. Like Eric said, it does not work well on the push stroke, its pretty much pull only unless you have a good rythm down.

  5. Laurence Marks says:

    Too bad you can’t get the Milwaukee 48-08-0401 Quik-Lok Job Saw any more. It’s been withdrawn. I guess it was too good.

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