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In the scorching summer heat of Texas new trees and shrubs don’t last long without constant watering — which is difficult or impossible with tight water restrictions. The solution: Ooze Tubes” — bags that slowly leak to keep your new landscaping hydrated without attracting the “water police’s” ire.

These refillable plastic bags are designed to very slowly seep moisture into the soil via “micro–holes.” The large version holds 12 to 15 gallons and generally lasts about a week in sandy soil and two weeks in clay.

And while the name makes them sound like some kind of slimy kid’s toy, they really are a great way to keep your landscaping alive through the blistering summer months. You can find them at almost any big box store for around $15.

Ooze Tube [Engineered Watering]
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2 Responses to Save Your Trees With Ooze Tubes

  1. Scraper says:

    We used to accomplish the same thing with plastic buckets. For each new tree we planted, we palced three 5-gallon buckets around it. The buckets had a few very small holes in the bottom. After filling with water, lids were added to prevent evaporation and keep small children from drowning. During the hot season, the buckets would need filled every 10-14 days.

  2. Robert says:

    My dad told me a story years ago about the “Blue Pill”. The nursery sold them with new trees. The package said to use a 6 penny nail to make a small hole in the bottom of a bucket, fill with water, drop in the blue pill and place next to the newly planted tree. Re-fill as needed until the tree is established. The blue pill was actually useless, but it was a way to make sure customers watered their new trees properly.

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