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Hound Dog’s Steppin’ Edger makes trimming your yard as easy as trimming your bangs.  (Well, almost.)  Its edging blade leverages your weight to cut the spare turf, making a hell of a lot less mess than a string trimmer or spinning-blade edger. 

They don’t come much simpler: a steel handle attached to a footstep and blade. Just look through a cut-out window in the middle of the footstep to line the blade up, then step on it.  Its 12″ stainless steel blade slices the turf, and you’re ready to move on.

The best part about this edger is that it doesn’t have a gas engine, which means it also requires little maintenance (other than cleaning it) and stores easily.  And while it might not operate quickly enough for a lawn service pro, it’d work fine for most homeowners.

Steppin Edger [Hound Dog]
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3 Responses to Edge Without Gas Engine Hassles

  1. james b says:

    My blue/rye grass doesn’t need edged now. But when I had the St Augustine I used the metal star with a rubber wheel on a stick. I liked that – it was tough work but easy to move around. This featured device looks good for really overgrown edges.

  2. false_cause says:

    I’m wondering how easy it is to trim a narrow overgrowth with this large-ish blade. It looks effective for a big cut, but I could imagine getting frustrated while trying to do something subtle. Of course, I don’t usually concern myself with subtle where yardwork is involved.

  3. jeffo says:

    Hound Dog’s “Turf Hound” aerator is pretty sweet too.

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