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Today Irwin announced a few additions to their marking chalk line, including chalk that wipes off easily, chalk that stays on in wet weather, and chalk that’s easy to see.  In other words, you can now choose the chalk that best fits your specific application.

The new chalks:

  • “Dust-Off” chalk, which is intended for short-term indoor use where you want to be able to remove the mark easily.  It’ll be available in light violet only.
  • “Hi-Visibility” chalk, designed to be easy to see in low light conditions with some weather resistance.  It’ll come in uber-bright orange, green, and yellow.
  • “Permanent” chalk, which includes some water resistance for outdoor use or use in high-traffic construction areas.  It’ll be available in red or black.
  • And “Permanent Staining” chalk, which represents Irwin’s best efforts to make the mark permanent — weather-proof and wear resistant for use in the toughest environments.  It’ll ship in blue, red, and black.

These add to the existing blue and white “standard” chalk which we’d guess you’re already familiar with.  Look for these on shelves soon.


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