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Pros use huge trailer-mounted spades to transplant trees the easy way:  hydraulics drive three blades into the ground around the tree, meeting at the center underneath to “dig” it free in a single motion.  The spade then lifts the tree and its root structure for transport.  Now Lemar offers a smaller version that’s portable — and can be operated with out a crew of spotters.

Lemar’s 500 Series model (pictured) can handle a “bulb” (read: the chunk of dirt and root structure underneath the tree) of up to 34” and can transports easily with a Bobcat or a medium-sized tractor.  Its legs are adjustable to provide stability on uneven ground, and its 4″ steel frame and all-greaseless hinges should soak up abuse with aplomb. 

We know: owning one of these is total overkill for anyone living in the suburbs.  But this would be a great addition to anyone with a ranch — or a small landscaping business.  Pricing, sadly, is firmly in the “if you have to ask” category.

On the other hand, most equipment rental shops will loan you one of these — or a similar model — for around $125/day.

500 Series Tree Spade [Lemar]


2 Responses to Moving Trees? Skip The Shovel, Use A Tree Spade!

  1. kevin says:

    Any ideas where I can rent a tree spade in wny?
    Please email me vthrifty@yahoo.com

  2. charles martin says:

    email me please leave your phone no

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