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This is, of course, why I should never have access to a crane or power shovel.  Yeah, it’s stupid and dangerous, but ask anyone who knows me: I’d be doing this about twenty seconds after they dropped it off.

“Why is this a ‘Doh!'” you ask?  Maybe they didn’t show it, but you know what happened when the next guy tried it.


4 Responses to Doh! A DIY Construction Site Tilt-A-Whirl

  1. bc says:

    damn. don’t think i would try this…

  2. Dazrin says:


    Even without seeing the next guy…it looked like it tried to tear this guys hands off.

  3. ba614 says:


    Looks like FUN to me

    I’d have to do it

  4. Don says:

    All amusements aside (“it’s all fun and games until YOUR eye is put out”), this is a good example of people not understanding the great difference between the energy levels in the organic and mechanical domains. Sure you can bash your thumb with a hammer, but you aren’t likely to mistakingly fire 6 nails into your skull with a good old steel and ash claw hammer. Hanging by the arms from some fixed object is safe enough (depending on how far you like to fall), but having a machine accelerate that suspension point while you’re hanging is madness.

    For an example, a friend of mine many years ago worked as a seismic surveyor in the oil patch, and they make great use of serious 4wd vehicles. One day he reached for a grab iron on the side of the truck as it crawled past at very low speed, as he had done many times before. This time the truck hit a bump a the exact moment he clasped the handle, and pop, he needed surgery to keep his shoulder from dislocating several times a day.

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