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As if Harbor Freight’s prices weren’t low enough, they’re offering 20 printable coupons for various in-store purchases valid through this weekend.  Discounted items include: a pneumatic spark plug cleaner for $6 , an angle finder for $2, a self-centering drill press setup for $5, and, of course, the measuring wheel (pictured) for $20.

Note: Don’t print the one above.  Print the ones from the HF site directly, linked below.

Harbor Freight Printable Coupons [Harbour Freight]
Harbor Freight Store Location [Harbour Freight]


6 Responses to Dealmonger: Harbour Freight Printable Coupons For In-Store Purchases This Weekend

  1. Jason Hiester says:

    Did anybody else notice that some of the coupons expire 12/31/2006 and 3/18/2007 and other strange dates that have already passed?

  2. Jason Hiester says:

    Sorry, scratch that, I guess my proxy was serving up some cached images…

  3. Steve O says:

    yuck…. Harbor Freight is such junk.

  4. George C says:

    Harbor Freight might be considered junk, but I’ve found some really useful junk from HF. I’d rather have a handy piece of junk around than nothing at all.

  5. Flip back in the “You Said It” category to find an old “What do you think of Harbor Freight?” discussion. Yes, it’s junk, but there’s a time and place for junk.

  6. wiliam says:

    nice try harbor freight is not junk i have lots for stuff form there that ive had for years and it all works awsom

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