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Michael writes: “The only time I’ve ever had to go to an emergency room was when I was cutting paper with a mat knife and a straightedge.  It was late at night and I didn’t notice that my finger was just past the edge of the straightedge until I’d sliced off a piece of skin.  After that I was terrified of using a mat knife and a straightedge until I found the Stanley MaxStick.  On the surface, this looks like a typical ruler/straightedge.  What’s hard to see from pictures is that the cross section is a “T” — there’s a large rib on the top surface.  You hold on one side, the knife goes on the other side.”

“Other nice features include very solid construction and a large, easy-to-read rule.  It’s also very reasonably priced — especially compared to the price of a visit to the emergency room — and it comes in both a 24″ and a 48″ version.”

Street pricing for the 24″ version starts around $12, and the 48″ version starts around $15.  Though we haven’t seen them in stores (yet), they’re available aplenty online.

The MaxStick Straight Edge [Stanley]
Street Pricing [Froogle]
24″ Via Amazon [What’s this?]
48″ Via Amazon [What’s this?]


One Response to A Straight Edge For Safer Cutting

  1. George C says:

    As an architectural model maker, this is handy to have around to make my cuts in posterboard, cardboard, and light balsa. The ruler’s numbers go in both directions so you can measure from either end. Comes in handy when working in a small basement room making models.

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