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If there is a definition of “cool” that doesn’t include a huge robot that has a bulldozer for feet and can lift a half a ton with just one of its big-ass hydraulic arms, I refuse to accept it.  But the fact that the T-52 Enryu’s operators use it to save people’s lives blows its cool factor right into orbit.

The Enryu was created in Japan back in ’04 to assist in post-avalanche rescue operations, but it can also accept a variety of modifications to handle such tasks as lifting heavy hazardous materials.  With a bulldozer-style track system, it’s right at home on uneven and soft ground, and its two articulated hydraulic arms — complete with gripping “claws” —  can lift up to a ton between them.


And yes, they are for sale to the general public: for about $500,000 you can live out your own Transformers/super hero/exo suit fantasy, amazing your friends at a backyard BBQ or saving a stranded motorist stuck in an blizzard without ever leaving the comfort of your own robot.

T-52 Enryu [Tmusk Robotics] 


3 Responses to It’s Just Cool: The T-52 Enryu Rescue Robot

  1. Sadly with all the ginormous SUVs on our highways a robot that can only lift 2,000lbs isn’t going to accomplish a whole lot.

  2. eschoendorff says:

    Yeah…. 2k lbs isn’t a lot for auto work, but that thing is still damn cool!

  3. Bowen says:

    Luckily the Japanese (and most Europeans) have much smaller cars. I’m sure this will come in handy anywhere not in lust with their big-arse autos 🙂

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