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If the F450’s two-ton hauling capacity doesn’t provide enough, umm, extension for you, check out International’s ultimate answer to small-man syndrome: the CXT. Think of it as the bastard child of a midwestern rancher’s truck and a big rig. It’s nine feet tall, hauls six tons in the bed, and will drag an additional twenty tons in trailer load.

It’s got an International DT 466 diesel engine under hood, producing 220 HP and 540 ft-lbs of torque — enough to pull a freakin’ Burger King to Jersey with no trouble at all. But somehow we doubt that most CXT owners do much pulling. Ashton Kutcher has one for crying out loud. Can you see him dragging a trailer full of gravel to pave the in-laws’ driveway?

The CXT’s real primary feature is exclusivity; International only produces 500 to 1,000 a year, and we hear that there’s a constant waiting list of people willing to slap down $115,000 to “join the club,” so to speak.

CXT Pickup Truck [International]


10 Responses to It’s Just Cool: World’s Biggest Pickup Truck

  1. eschoendorff says:

    Freakin’ cool! I’ll take two….

  2. Crispy says:

    220hp and 540 ft lbs of torque, in a truck that big? Needs a supercharger and flowmasters.

  3. ambush27 says:

    I don’t know which is Physically bigger and the Ford f-750 Doesn’t seem to list towing capacity but it does have a higher payload capacity.

  4. Piett says:

    Yea, its’s big. The engine specs seem inferior to the Powerstroke Diesel in the new F350 (350hp/650ft-lb). With that sort of load rating how does it ride, more like the semi that it looks like?

  5. Tony Clifton says:

    If only we could get IH to start making Scouts again, instead of this garbage…

  6. TourPro says:

    I would buy this if it were electric!

  7. Scraper says:

    For the GM fans, here is something similar:


  8. If I could live in it, that would be cool. Otherwise, I can’t justify the cost of a vehicle that cost the same as my house when I bought it four years ago.

  9. George C says:

    This thing looks awesome. My conscience has a hard time justifying the scale of it. Jonathan Goodwin, a biodiesel conversion specialist, should get his hands on one and retrofit it to run on multiple fuels. He usually specializes in retrofitting Hummers to run on ethanol, hydrogen, biodiesel or natural gas. His hummers get the equivalent to 40 miles per gallon.

    Imagine pimping around in this beast and getting that kind of mileage. Boo-ya that’s what I’m talking about.

  10. Krow says:

    I have to agree with Tony C. While big is generally cool, this thing is stupid. Id take an old scout over this eyesore anyday.

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