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Tired of slipping the county road crew a Jackson to fix your gravel driveway and dirt paths?  DR’s 60″ Power Grader puts your ATV or 19+ HP garden tractor to work so you can do the job yourself — as often as necessary.

Its sixteen carbide-tipped steel teeth up front dig up hard-packed gravel and mud while the leveling blade at the back evens out and spreads the material to remove high spots, potholes, and washboard effects.  The Power Grader’s heavy frame is steel as well and features a tow hitch at the neck.  The best part: with its 60” grade width you can handle a full-sized driveway in about three passes. 

At around $1300, we’d imagine that it’d pay for itself in three or four years, but the real advantage is having a driveway that’s nice year round instead of just when you can find someone to grade it.  Consider the savings in vehicle suspension wear!

Power Grader [DR Power Equipment]
Street Pricing [Froogle]


6 Responses to Make The Grade — All By Yourself

  1. JGB says:

    http://drivewaygroomer.com/faqnew.html is a similar and more economical solution. I’m not affiliated with the company nor do I own one, but I’ve thought of welding something similar together.

  2. Man I wish we had had this when I was in high school. My dad has a gravel driveway that is 100 yards long (he lives in Alaska), and not only did I have to shovel that thing, but we had to repair it regularly. And when I say “we”, I mean me. We had those big gravel grades too, and somebody was always spinning rocks on it. We had four-wheelers, so this would have been very helpful

    I think he pays somebody to plow the driveway in the winter now and has some sort of help for fixing the gravel.

  3. Krow says:

    I cant help but think of my grandpa’s solution to this problem. He used an old bedspring with a buch of cinder blocks and rocks on it for weight. Pull it behind the tractor (or lawnmower,or 4 wheeler, or whatever you want). Problem solved…cheaply.

  4. theraddie says:

    What exactly will a machine that weighs 250 lbs and digs 9/16″ deep accomplish on a gravel driveway. It might be nice for grooming ball fields but there I can’t imaging this thing is going to be effective at leveling gravel driveways.

  5. JohnFarmer says:

    I have one and it works great.
    The only thing you need to do when you need more weight in added in the tray that comes on top of the grader.

  6. John says:

    We bought the 60 inch Dr Power Grader about 2 years ago to use on the farm to groom the indoor arena and outside dressage fields, It does that job great. As suggested above though make sure you put as much weight in the tray as possible. Don’t try using a lawn mower to pull it if you need to dig deep. We use either the tractor, atv or the utv.

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