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All you German-car drivin’ Toolmongers can rejoice: S-K recently announced a new 75-degree offset, reversible, double-box, universal-spline version of their G-Pro ratcheting wrenches.   Extreme offset wrenches like these are just the ticket for dealing with some of the, umm, crazier engineering concepts found on Porsches and Volkswagens, and the ratcheting feature really helps, too. 

The G-Pros feature a universal-spline ratcheting box end that connects with five different fasteners: spline, 6-point, 12-point, female Torx, and square.  Hell, S-K even says these wrenches will provide some traction on half-rounded fasteners.  The ratchet’s 90-tooth design means you need just 4-degrees of swing arc to “grab a click,” and that translates to superior accessibility in tight spaces.  Since you can’t flip ’em over like a normal ratcheting wrench, a button on the head switches ratcheting direction.

Four-piece sets are available directly from S-K in metric or SAE sizes for about $150, but we’re going to keep an eye out for better deals via other merchants soon.

75-Degree Offset G-Pro Wrenches [SK Hand Tools]

PS: Before you take offense at our Porsche quip, check out the positioning of the alternator on the 911 GT2. 


One Response to Preview: S-K’s Extreme Offset Universal Spine Ratcheting Wrenches

  1. Mike says:

    I recently bought the metric set of these wrenches (8, 10, 12-19mm) and they are great. I could not find any other company that made deep offset, ratcheting box wrenches like these. I was able to find them on ebay for about $100; at sears.com they are about $120 I think. The finish is high quality and the ratcheting action is precise (90 gear teeth!). These are great for tight work under the hood – I was able to change out my alternator with just one wrench – the 13-15mm. I also like that I can quick grab one of these wrenches instead of fumbling with sockets and ratchets. The only downside for me was that they are made in Taiwan, but like I said there is no comparable tool I can find by any other brand. These wrenches will certainly become some of my most often used tools!

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