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Lawnmowers + kids – proper safety = injuries.  From Child Health News:

“Each year, lawn mower accidents send 9,400 U.S. children to the hospital, causing injuries more severe than any other tool or device, research shows.  The most common injuries are lacerations, fractures, and amputations of the fingers, toes, feet, and legs.”

Somehow this isn’t surprising.  My Father — a professional machinist, carpenter, and woodworker — managed to mangle a finger while repairing a self-propelled walk-behind.  Sadly, lawn mowers are so simple and common that we often forget the danger they pose to the complacent.

Some tips from the CHS article:

  • Don’t let children under 12 mow.
  • If you’re mowing and see a child running toward you, turn the mower off immediately.
  • Wear closed-toed shoes when operating or standing near a mower.
  • Clear your yard of foreign objects before mowing.

Check out the link below for lots more tips.  Even the most experienced Toolmongers can find themselves caught out if they’re not careful, though there’s no reason to be afraid of your mower if you use it carefully.

Power Lawn Mower Injuries Crop Up With Change of Season [News-Medical.Net]


One Response to Lawn Mower Safety: You Know, For Kids!

  1. Leslie says:

    Not mentioned in the article but very important and too often not considered: Put the pets away before mowing or doing any lawn work that could cause pieces to fly out or drop down. I’ve know of dogs with eye injuries from lawnmowers and string trimmers, cats with wounds and broken bones from trimmed limbs falling on them. It’s easy for your pet to be dangerously close without your knowing it.

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