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Our friends over at This Old House clued us in to a gallery full of awesome old tools that we somehow missed on the first go-round.  Thankfully it’s still available in their archive.

Our favorite: an 1872 “Miller’s Improved Joiner Plow Plane” (pictured) which was “manufacturerd by the Stanley Rule and Level Co. of New Britain, Connecticut, now known as StanleyWorks.”  Talk about reason enough to hang on to your old “sentimental value” tools: TOH says this sold for $8 originally, but “fetched  $18,150 at auction in 2005.”


Old Tool Gallery [This Old House]


One Response to This Old House: Sweet Old Tools

  1. ned.luddd says:

    the plow plane is quite tasty, but the “old tool wreath” has forced me to give up what little respect i still held for the TOH organization. dang.

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