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We wrote about Auto Twirler’s “car rotisserie” a while back, but it wasn’t until I saw Chip Foose using one of these on Overhaulin’ recently that I realized just how freakin’ cool it is.  This is the best way hands down to get at every inch of your frame-up restoration project without subsequent visits to the chiropractor.

So forgive us for this “duplicate” post.  We think it’s worth another — and more detailed — look.

The Twirler rides on four heavy-duty casters that hold up to 700 lbs. each, which means it can support up to 2,800 lbs. of project car body.  Thick steel gussets and bracings welded into the structure add strength and stability, and the Twirler’s steel backbone adjusts down small enough to handle a truck cab while extending up to 19′ to accept even big-ass cars like a Road Runner.

Auto Twirler offers a variety of mounting systems for various makes and models, or you can rig your own.  Once your project body is mounted, the Twirler allows you to rotate it through 360 degrees about 3′ in the air for easy access.  When you’re ready to work, you just drop the included large steel bolt completely through the steel tube structure to prevent slips and keep you safe.

The only downer: it’s a bit on the pricey side at around $1100.  But hey, that’s about $300 cheaper than when we first came across it.

Auto Twirler Plus [Auto Twirler]
Street Pricing [Froogle]
Via Amazon [What’s This?]


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  1. Rick says:

    I see someone got the latest round of catalogs the last few weeks (Autobody Mart, Northern Tool & Equip Master Catalog, etc.)

  2. Jeff says:

    My grandfather had always intended to build something like that, but never got around to it. He had collected 7 Lincoln convertibles from the 1950s that were in horrible shape. He wanted to work on them sideways and get them up and running. He had these huge pieces of lumber that he wanted to bolt to the frame (which would then be bolted to the “rotisserie”), probably 4 x 16 x 72. They were still laying in the garage almost 20 years after his death.

  3. Tortfeaser says:

    Two cheap engine stands, a bit of RHS and a MIG will do it. Engine stands like at http://www.liftingequipment.com.au/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=1_47&products_id=181

    I built my rally car on one, its not a heavy beast like it seems a lot of American sedans are (the finished car weighs 1180kg), but even working on the shell of the bigger cars is possible if you don’t bolt on too many bits.

  4. TimUnderwood says:

    When it pops up on tv again, look for the rotating jig they used to weld the two Sherman tank halves together. Thats what I call a heavy duty fixture.

  5. Sean O'Hara says:

    I love that tank show, I wish there were more of it.

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  7. mskitty walters says:

    I would like to find a good used car rotisserie . mskittywalters@comcast.net

  8. Games Car says:

    What Kinda of Car do you drive?

  9. Matt Kline says:

    The auto twirler is a nice rotisserie but very expensive. Building your own is another option. Check out my link, I have much info about building your own.

  10. E-tek says:

    Don’t be a pussy – BUILD YOUR OWN!!

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