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Are you more Terrell Owens than Jerry Rice when it comes to hanging on to crap around the jobsite?  These gloves’ tacky palms might help, though you’ll have to put up with “tacky palms” jokes from your co-workers.

The Uline Griptions’ fingertips sport extra-grippy rubber pads — as does the palm — while the rest of the inside finger areas feature a diamond-plate-looking pattern for added traction.  The Gription’s other features — their retina-damage-red color and significant top padding — really fall into the background; if you’re buying these, you’re buying ’em for the grip.

They cost about the same as the other high-grade work gloves you’d find on shelves — about $20 — so if you need that added traction, they might be worth a shot.

Gription Work Gloves [Uline]
Street Pricing [Froogle]


3 Responses to Extra Grip To Avoid Jobsite Fumbles

  1. Stuart says:

    I had a pair similar to these and the best part aside from being grippy is that the palms material is thin enough to allow your hands to work. I couldn’t find any replacements and have bought about 5 pairs of other gloves which all suck in comparison. These are ‘hot’ in my book.


  2. Douglas Kwan says:

    ironclad makes a nice box handler glove with tacky palms

  3. Kurt Schwind says:

    Whoa. The spam is like 4x longer than the original post.

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