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Many of you have requested an easy way to subscribe to Toolmonger’s two podcasts so you receive them directly from iTunes without having to keep track of ’em here, and we finally found a little time this weekend to hook you up, so to speak.

You’ll notice this graphic in the right sidebar underneath the listing of each podcast:


If you click it — and you have iTunes installed — iTunes will open and you’ll find yourself (after a few moments) sitting on the podcast’s page.  You can then click the “subscribe” button in iTunes and you’re all set.  If you want to subscribe to both Tool Talk and One Beer Projects, you’ll need to follow this procedure for each.

Thanks for all the interest in the ‘casts.  Tool Talk releases weekly on Monday, and though One Beer Projects isn’t technically on a schedule, we’ve been pretty steadily releasing them two-a-week on Wednesdays and Fridays.  Enjoy!


5 Responses to Toolmonger Podcast Subscriptions Made Easy

  1. Brian says:

    And for those of us who don’t use iTunes for our podcasts? How about an RSS feed?

  2. benjamen says:

    I was just looking the other day for a non ipod feed. I really had to dig to find it but this feed will give both TT and OBP.


    You guys really need a link on the page!

  3. Chuck Cage says:

    Benjamen/Brian: That libsyn rss feed isn’t always updated as it’s really used only for statistical identification purposes. If you want solid, correct feeds for each podcast, use the add’l links that I’ve added to the sidebar.

    Sorry for the delay — there’s been so much going on here at TM that I had to wait until I had a “day off” to make the addition.

  4. benjamen says:

    Thanks for the fast response. I downloaded and listened to all your podcasts this last weekend and I’m hooked! That interview with Ed Fowler was incredible. He gave me a whole new appreciation for knives and well made tools in general.

  5. Brian says:

    Thanks for the response. I just found this site in the last few weeks and I am really enjoying it.

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