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When we hear the name “Hi-Lift,” we think of large capacity jacks and off-roading.  But apparently they make other products, too, like this device that keeps doors from slamming without increasing the pressure required to open them.  Who knew?

The “Kant Slam” — no, we’re not kidding, that’s really the name — is based on a “toggle” arrangement of four levers and a vertical cylinder filled with oil.  The levers open as the gate or door opens, but are forced closed by two strong springs.  The “levers” take up force as spring tension decreases, offering up ample closing force at the latching point.  As the door closes, a piston cup is forced through the cylinder of oil, and the oil slows it (and the door) down.  A slotted screw on top of the Kant Slam regulates the flow of oil, which in turn produces the desired closing speed.

(If that confused you, don’t worry.  It confused us the first few times as well.  Suffice it to say that the Kant Slam acts like a “strut” like the one on your front screen door, but it doesn’t make the door hard to open and close.)

Street pricing starts at around $45.

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