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If you picked up one of Hobart’s portable “Handler” series welders a while back to try some projects of your own, you might want to consider protecting it with a custom-fitted cover.  Sawdust, bugs, and shop grunge don’t make for a well-functioning welder.

We wont kid you: the Hobart in our long-term test fleet here at TM isn’t covered and it’s doing ok.  But if we owned one personally, we’d totally cover it — if just to keep from having to wipe it off every week or so.  Another great reason to pick one up is that it includes a side pocket to store the torch and ground clip so they’re not flopping around when you carry it.

It fits all the handler models and sells for around $45.

Handler Cover [Hobart]
Street Prcining [Froogle]
Via Amazon [What’s This?]


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