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Milwaukee 0627-84

If you’ve been looking for a new heavy-duty cordless hammerdrill (like I have), you should know that CPO Milwaukee is currently offering refurbed Milwaukee 18V 1/2″ hammerdrill kits — complete with two batteries and a charger — for $190.  This model normally runs closer to $250 in refurb form, and they’re half-again that much new.  These are factory refurbished and carry new-tool warranty.

This is a pro-line tool featuring the same all-metal “click-type” clutch that Toolmonger loved so much on Milwaukee’s top-end, lithium-ion powered V18, as well as the V18-style reversible battery mount.  And with an available 495 ft-lbs of torque, it’s a monster.  Sure, it’s NiCd instead of li-ion, but hey — the $300+ difference in price will buy a lot of batteries, and you can always upgrade to the V18 batteries and charger later when you’ve got the dough.

Note: Watch out for similar “deals” on that actually include only the bare tool with no batteries or charger (or a single battery and no charger).  You’ll shell out another $100 or more to get up and running, assuming you don’t already have a set of Milwaukee 18V tools.

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  1. Mel E. says:

    I don’t know how Milwaukee warranty repairs work in your area but in Ohio they stink. I’ve been really screwed around by Milwaukee in the past over two different tool repairs. The big problem it seems it that it is a dealer not a factory owned repair center. So research who has factory owned repair centers near you and consider those brands first.

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