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Here’s another Toolmonger item from way back that’s a good deal right now: Meritline has the Kill-A-Watt listed for $20 right now — about $2-$3 cheaper than normal — and while we did find it for $18 from one other mail-order-only shop, Meritline beats ’em out on shipping. 

The Kill-A-Watt not only shows you the voltage and frequency that the power company is delivering to you, it also shows you how much power the appliance it’s connected to is drawing.  It’s a kick-ass (and inexpensive) way to “energy audit” your home, and I’ll bet we all have older power tools around that draw power just from being left plugged in or left in standby mode.  With the Kill-A-Watt we can know.  

The Kill-A-Watt [P3 International]
Kill-A-Watt Model P4400 for $20 [Meritline]
Street Pricing [Froogle]
Via Amazon [What’s this?]


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