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Ever notice that when you drop a bolt or socket under the hood it always ends up somewhere both hard-to-reach and dark?  Harbor Freight’s offering a tool right now that kills both those birds with one $7 stone.

David writes: “Harbor Freight now has a cheap and functional fix for this problem in the form of a magnetic light on a stalk.  Nestled into the end of the flexible stalk is a high-power magnet and in the middle of the magnet is a white LED light.  The stalk bends smoothly and stays in place while you’re maneuvering it toward your intended target, and the bright light helps you see what’s going on so you can nail it the first time.  The handle doubles as a Mag-Lite-style battery compartment with a sealed on-off button.  I’ve had no reliability problems with mine, and I’m a happy customer!”

Flexible Magnetic Pickup Tool [Harbor Freight]


3 Responses to Cheap-Ass Tools: HF’s Lighted Flexible Magnetic Pickup Tool

  1. eschoendorff says:

    I have a tool like this and when you need it, you REALLY NEED it!

  2. Flash Sophie says:

    I used that flashlight. Really i used that. It was almost 5 years ago. It was given better service that my cross my expectation. I still remember i bought it less than $10.

  3. Yes, I had this led tools. It was great for 2 years. After that it stopped working. But overall it is good product at cheap price.

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