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If you need an imperial crap-ton of hose in order to water your yard — and you need that hose to be mobile — you’ll want this four-wheeled hose reel ASAP.  It’ll reel up 225′ of 5/8” hose and cart it around on four 10” pneumatic tires.

Think of it as a pushable firetruck for the back forty.  It’s constructed from heavy-duty steel, and it’s available in any color you want as long as that’s green.  Kidding aside, my Father used to have a one-acre place and we were always dragging hose around to water the back part of his garden.  This would’ve been just the ticket.

It’s a bit pricey at $195, but then again, if you’ve already sprung for 225′ of hose — and enough land to need it — an extra two-bill won’t bother you that much.  And where else will you find something that’ll safely haul that much hose around?

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