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It looks like I won’t have to get sent up for shoplifting after all.  I’ve thought about stealing one of these portable step units from Home Depot dozens of times, but now I can have one legally.   The Equipment Company of America sells ’em under the name “Tilt-N-Roll ladders.”

The Tilt-N-Roll works just as its name implies: pulling the ladder drops it off its rubber pads and onto castered wheels for movement.  When you get it positioned, just tilt it forward briefly to drop it back onto the pads.  It’s pretty much a small portable staircase for the shop.

The bad news is that it doesn’t fold up, so this is probably better for large shops than small ones.  But it does support 450 pounds and it’s powder coated with high gloss powder in 11 stock colors — or you can have it in aluminum or stainless steel for an upcharge.  (Shiny = Good)  The steps are 7″ deep, with the top step in your choice of 10 or 20″.

Tilt-N-Roll [ECOA]
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  1. Rick says:

    We’ve got this same rolling stair up at our firehouse.. use it all the time, and it comes in really handy when we’re washing/waxing the fire truck… someone stands on the ladder and gets the high spots and someone on the ground getting the low spots, and we just roll the ladder around the truck.

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