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The Genie Lift looks just like a regular hand truck, but the bottom plate lifts up as high as four feet to lift up to a 400 lb. payload.  We saw a couple of movers loading a refrigerator over a kitchen bar with one of these a while back and have been jonesin’ for one ever since.  The compact design allows you to lift and maneuver in all sorts of congested work areas.

To lift the base, you crank what’s essentially a ratcheting, hand-cranked winch, which operates kind of like a come-along.  Swivel casters on the bottom front make it easy to roll loads around on smooth surfaces.  We saw a 4′ lift model, but Genie Lift offers an 8′ lift model as well. 

This looks tons better for loading trucks and furniture than straight arm power with the added benefit that you can also use it as a regular dolly.  Pricing starts at $799.

Hand Truck Load Lifter [Genie Lift]
Street Pricing [Froogle]
Via Amazon [What’s This?]


7 Responses to The Hand Truck You Crank Up

  1. Rick says:

    That seems kind of steep..
    You can buy a used forklift for less than that.. ::link::

  2. Scraper says:

    My dad has had one of these for years. (He is a refrigeration repairman.) I am waiting for the day he finally retires so I can “borrow” the lift for my garage.

  3. Chuck Cage says:

    Rick: But can you bring the refrigerator into a tight kitchen with a used forklift? 🙂

  4. Rick says:

    Chuck, Chuck, Chuck..
    You’re not seeing the big picture here..

    What kind of toolmonger are you? If you need to bring in a new refrigerator there’s a couple of things.. #1 – if you’re hardcore, the fridge you select won’t fit through a door anyway… with or without a forklift. #2 – What better excuse for a big ass french door setup and the work that goes with it, than because you need a larger opening to get the new fridge in.. #3 – How much fun would tearing a hole in the wall with a forklift be?

    Oh yeah.. and lest I forget… #4 – Which would you rather tell people you have? a Forklift or “a Hand Truck with a crank”…. my money is that the forklift is more grunt-worthy.. 😀

  5. SlowJoeCrow says:

    We computer types use them for racking large servers, which is why we have some cheap steel Genie knockoffs in the data centers. They are also great for things like installing air conditioners or big wall mounted speakers.

  6. Speaking of racking servers, these are also popular in the telecom biz for getting batteries in and out of their stands. (Illustration on the last page of http://www.cdstandbypower.com/product/battery/vrla/pdf/12_387.pdf shows a fairly typical setup.)

  7. Toolaremia says:

    Personally, I just use my folding engine hoist. It was $115 at Pep Boys (still is), and will reach higher than this thing while carry more than twice as much. You have to use your brain to arrange slings/chains/whatever so the load is balanced and won’t slip out. But drop an expensive compressor out of your truck once, and you learn…

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