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If you’ve always wanted your own forklift, long time reader Rick may have found your chance.  He posted this awesome busted-ass forklift from eBay as a more Toolmongerly option than today’s crank-up hand truck — and for less cash to boot!

The good news: there’s a Buy It Now price of just $650, and the seller claims it does indeed run.

The bad news: “The forks do not go all the way down without weight on them” and “the machine has no brakes on it” — it “needs a little tender loving care.”  Oh yeah, and it’s pick-up only in Lincoln, Arkansas.

But none of this is anything a dedicated Toolmonger couldn’t overcome.  And as Rick says, “Which would you rather tell people you have?  A forklift or a ‘hand truck with a crank?'”

Used Small Allis Chalmers Forklift [eBay]


3 Responses to eBay: A Cheap-Ass Forklift

  1. Rick says:



  2. James Duncan says:

    I think my company just bought this thing lol. We just got one in looks just like it and has no brakes. I thought we were starting a junkyard or something when I first saw it and already NOT running!

  3. Ray says:

    I have the same forklift running at work. ;( Stumble into your post while trying to identify which brand and model it is to get parts for it. I am glad I am not the only one with this dinosaur. Ours works perfectly tho.

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