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I love the “compactness” of folding lockback utility knives — I’ve been carrying a Superknife model for some time now — but they’re often missing one feature common on standard utility knives: spare blade storage.  Luckily, a number of manufacturers offer blade storage without overly enlarging the knife, including clamp-maker Bessey.  Yep, we were surprised, too.

The model pictured is Bessey’s “DBKPH quick-change” model.  The “quick-change” in the name refers to the fact that you can swap blades without a screwdriver, which totally makes sense in a compact knife that you’re likely to carry in places where tools aren’t handy.  There’s a belt clip — which we hope is removable for the non-Batman crowd — and it accepts standard utility blades, five of which you can carry in the handle as replacements.

Two things to remember with these folding utility knives, however: first, since you can’t extend only a tiny bit of the blade, it’s easy to cut the living crap out of yourself with ’em.  So be careful.  Second, do not under any circumstances take this to the airport.  If you show up with a standard, small pocket knife, the screeners are quite understanding, though you’re going to have to give it up or mail it back to yourself.  If you show up with one of these, you’re going to get some attention you don’t want.

Street pricing starts around $13, and there’s a version with a wood-grain handle available in the same price range if that’s your taste. 

Note: Sorry for no manufacturer link.  We can’t find this on Bessey’s site — which I suppose excuses our suprise in finding it in their product line. 

Street Pricing [Froogle]
Via Amazon [What’s this?]


4 Responses to Bessey Makes Utility Knives?

  1. l_bilyk says:

    I have one.. It works surprisngly well

  2. Milo Bloom says:

    If you’re in Canada, you can get essentially the same knife from Canadian Tire for $14.99. It goes on sale fairly regularly. I have one, it’s definitely nice. Search for product #57-5094-2 on http://www.canadiantire.ca or you can try this link: http://tinyurl.com/3779su

  3. Julian Tracy says:

    That’s no more made by Bessey than the Kobalt version I have is made by Lowes.

    Like everyone else – Bessey is just prostituting their name and licensing it out to whatever Chinese manufacturer they can.

    Don’t get me wrong – I have the Kobalt version and it’s a great knife, but when I think of Bessey, I think ot German (?) made high quality tools. Not cheap utilitarian import tools.


  4. Jeff T says:

    They are all made in China by Sheffeild Manufacturing.

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