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If you’ve got the right gear in hand, restoring old furniture is a fun project.  And while you can find dozens of tips and tricks online to help you get started, we know one really easy way to fix polyurethane-finished wood furniture that’s lost its topcoat shine: Minwax high gloss floor reviver.

Minwax actual created this stuff for interior hardwood floors, but we’ve used it to great effect with polyurethane-finished wood furniture pieces that are dull, scratched or show signs of wear.  It’s is like a polish, but a good bit stronger.

You’ll have to remove any layers of wax before appling Minwax, but the when you’re done, you’ll have a topcoat with a natual “showroom” shine that provides a layer of protection as well.

It’s easy: apply Minwax with a damp cloth or garden-variety foam applicator and let it sit.  It dries to the touch in 2-3 hours and completely in 24 hours.

Remember, reviver is not designed for use on wood that is in very poor condition or has large areas where the finish is completely worn away, so be careful and use your own judgment.  With careful application to the right projects, it’s a quick way to put some pizzazz back into your wood.

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