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When was the last time you saw a lawn rake that compacted what you were raking?  Yeah, we hadn’t either until we came across the Flymo Lawnrake Compact 340 this morning.  Don’t let the looks fool you: it’s not a mower.  it’s a vacuum for your yard.

It draws a few familiar parts — such as the casing and the 600W electric motor — from a standard mower, but that’s where the similarity ends.  The heart of the lawn rake is actually a cylinder with 42 tines that comb through the lawn to collect moss and thatch, thrashing and compacting it at the same time.  A sight window at the back of the collection attachment lets you gauge how full the compartment is as you “vacuum.”

It also features a 12 meter power cord that we’re guessing doesn’t come in a US plug configuration since — sadly — Flymo sells their products primarily in the UK.

Street pricing is around £ 79 UK — or about $154 US.

Lawn Rake 340 [Flymo]
Street Pricing [Froogle]


8 Responses to Vacuum Your Lawn With The Fylmo Lawn Rake

  1. Rick says:

    You almost had me.. until that whole UK thing..

    My dad is turning 70 this October, and I was thinking that this would be a perfect thing for him since he’s always out there raking and tending to his lawn. This could make it a much easier task for him.

    Funny.. he and I are both toolmongers (I had to get it from somewhere).. but whereas he prefers to work on his yard, flowerbeds, vegetable garden, and landscaping himself – he’d rather pay someone to work on his car. Meanwhile, I’d rather work on my car myself, and pay someone to do the yard work.. That’s just me.

  2. David Decker says:

    Anybody find a US distributor? I took a look on google with no luck.

  3. James says:


    This *needs* to be made available in North America. Looking at the FAQs on the site, it even appears to be capable of handling the “presents” my dogs leave in the backyard.

    Meanwhile, I’ll have to make do with my Lee Valley “Power Rake,” which isn’t really powered, but does an excellent job with thatch:


  4. Chris Murray says:

    I want one. The pricing seems pretty fair to me, based on the ammount of time I’ll save. Now just to find a distributor who carries it in Canada.

  5. Jammy says:

    They’re pricey, but with the range of products they offer, the design, and the utility, they really should be sold here in the good ol’ US of A.

    I have family in the UK, and I remember my cousing mowing with an orange hovering Flymo about 30 years ago. It was small (perhaps the entry level unit), and he said one needed to use a “thatching”, side to side motion while mowing, but it was quick, easy, and above all, super-cool.

    I started my search out tonight looking for Flymo’s, or other hovering mowers, to see if they’re available here, so obviously I’m interested! Thanks!

  6. Ben says:

    I actually had one many years ago when they were sold in the U.S. I guess they never really caught on here. I bought mine in the mid to late 80’s at a local ACE hardware store. I want to say it was almost 300.00 at that time which was astronomical for an electric mower. Seems strange that they don’t sell them here any longer. They didn’t do a very good job on imperfect yards. My yard at the time had some very bumpy areas in it and the mower would scalp the grass. It would be perfect for me now as I have a typical townhouse yard (postage stamp front and bit bigger back). Wish I could find one again.

  7. Robin says:

    Every garden maintenance professional here in the UK, who is worth his salt, will have a Flymo or Allen hover mower in the van for doing verges and steep banks. The 2 cycle machines are particularly good at steep slopes, although I expect the 4 cycle Honda engines may be able to cope with the oil going to one end of the sump.

    My guess why you don’t have Flymos in the USA is the evil spectre of product liability. As Flymos hover, they will go in any direction and it is easy to hover it across your toes. Most of the domestic machines have plastic blades now, to reduce the chance of injury, but it would still hurt if you are wearing flip flops.

    If you are using the metal blade Flymos it is best to have steel toecap boots on.

    Most electric Flymos have a short life as the motors tend to give out due to overheating. If they are looked after they are ok. To collect grass with a hover mower, the air intake to the hover fan is via the grassbox and an intake at the rear corner close to the ground. Mine works fairly well, but if the grass is at all damp it bungs up.

  8. Greg Becks says:

    I live in Canada after moving here from the UK almost 20 years ago & I would love to have one. My house has a large steep bank in the back yard that is a real pain to mow with a conventional mower. All the contractors in the in the UK have a hover mower to look after steep banks. All they do is tie a rope to the handle of the mower & swing it like a pendulum letting out a little more rope with every pass of the mower. Before you know it the mower is at the bottom of a nicely mowed grass bank & you havent had to move an inch to get the job done.
    Like the old avert said ” IT’S A LOT LESS BOVER WITH A HOVER”.

    I looked on line & it seam you can buy these all over the world except North America. SUCKS

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