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I’m really into big construction machines, and this bad dog certainly qualifies.  The LeTourneau L-2350 monster wheel loader sports a 53 cubic yard bucket on its massive front arm.  For these of you who still can’t picture that, try this: that’s enough space to hold a small fire-truck.  LeTourneau builds these to work in some of the largest mines in the world.

It’s powered by a 16-cylinder turbocharged diesel that delivers over 2300 HP to the wheels, which is enough to move it along at about 10-1/2 MPH.  That doesn’t sound like much until you consider that it can do it while bench pressing 160,000 pounds 11′ in the air.  It also comes in any color you’d like – as long as it’s construction yellow.

The L-235 Wheel Loader [LeTourneau]


4 Responses to It’s Just Cool: LeTourneau’s L-2350 Wheel Loader

  1. TJ says:

    that is ASOME!!!!!!!!!!

  2. hamid says:

    please send me more recently pictures of the giant weel loader,I think it is the biggest smart machine.

  3. hamid says:

    please send me recently pictures of the monster giant weel le tourneau 2350,
    I think it the biggest smart machine.

  4. hamid says:

    no comment!

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