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RGuimont sent us a link to these diamond-tipped screwdriver bits.  The diamond coating “roughs up” the surface of the bit helping it to hold tightly to the fastener — and helping you avoid slipping off the fastener and tearing up a prepared surface beneath.

According to Lee Valley, “the tips have a coating of fine diamond grit that increases friction between the driver and screw head to significantly reduce cam-out.  Each bit is milled from chrome molybdenum vanadium tool steel, hardened to Rc57-59, and nickel-plated to resist corrosion.”

We’ve never used any of these, but considering that they start at around $3.20 each, we may have to give ’em a go.  They’re available in multiple sizes of slotted, Phillips, and POZIDRIV, and there’s a screw holder/driver available as well.

Diamond-Tipped Screwdriver Bits [Lee Valley]


6 Responses to Diamond-Tipped Screwdriver Bits: No, This Is NOT Bling

  1. eschoendorff says:

    Hmmm… for about $2.xx you can get Phillips ACR bits from Snap On….

  2. james b says:

    I’ll bet that is the same coating as my diamond tipped tweezers I got for grooming my unibrow. It looks similar to the diamond grit honing plates I use for touching up carbide router bits.

  3. paul b says:

    if everyone would start using Robertson screws, we wouldn’t need any of this type of stuff….

  4. James says:

    paul b: At first I was surprised there were no Robertson bits, considering this is from Lee Valley. Then I realised that these bits are intended to reduce a problem that Robertsons do not have.

    Seriously, anybody who isn’t using Robertsons (also known as square-drive) *needs* to try them:


  5. Myself says:

    I have a little dropper-bottle of this grit grip fluid, I can’t think of the name right now… It’s essentially a suspension of abrasive in light oil, which you apply to the screwdriver tip when you need it to resist stripping. Works like a charm, but it’s awkward and messy. I like the diamond idea.

  6. Ray says:

    I’ve tried the square drives, and hate them more than Phillips. Torx head leaves both in the dust however.

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