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Roscoe writes: “There are lots of expensive heavy-duty hose reels out there, and a few cheapies now on the scene, but this model from Northern splits the difference nicely.  They’ve been on sale for a few weeks and we just hung two in our shop.  So far we love them, and the price couldn’t be better for how well-built they are.”

We have a cheap-ass one in the Toolmonger shop and love it, and since this one looks way better than ours it seems like a pretty good buy.  These are great for when you need to do use a pneumatic tool for just a moment — no more getting out the hose, plugging it in, dragging it, coiling it back up, and putting it way.  Just pull it out, plug in, then tug on it to release the spring-loaded rewinder.

And at $80, you’re probably not going to find a quality one much cheaper.  To put things in perspective, we paid $35 for our POS special.

Industrial Hose Reel w/Hose, 3/8″ x 50′, Max 250 PSI [Northern Tool]


3 Responses to Pump Air Like the Pros With a 50′ Self-Rewinding Air Hose Reel

  1. Fletcher says:

    Recently added a $35 cheapy (HF, 25 foot.) Appears to have only one or two extension detents, but works fine. A lot better than dealing with a non-reeled hose for quickie jobs.

  2. Rick says:

    Heh.. this would go well with the compressor posted today.. 🙂

  3. Mike R says:

    HF sells one that looks exaclty like the one pictured and if you buy it when it’s on sale I could swear that it’s less than $50. I’ve had a few mounted to the ceiling and walls of my garage for several years and they’ve worked great. Well worth the money even at $80.

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