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We’ve received a ton of email from folks asking, “Do you know of a decent starter air compressor that’ll run air tools?”  Our answer: yes, we do.  Here it is.

We spent eight weeks with Husky’s 26-Gallon compressor and the bevy of air tools that come with it — enough time to discover that it offers some serious value for its price and a great way to add air tool functionality to your home or small shop.  Read past the jump for our hands-on experiences and lots of pictures.



The Husky ships packed tightly into a very heavy, big-ass box.  Seriously.  If you’re picking this up from the ‘Depot or the post office by yourself — don’t.  Bring some help.

It’s a “vertical” style compressor, which means that the tank stands up instead of lying down.  It takes up surprisingly little floor space — about the same as a small pancake compressor — covering a 21” x 21” patch of concrete and standing 45-1/2” tall.  It also features wheels on the bottom so you can roll it around the shop or out to a wounded vehicle in need of some air.

post-h37.jpg   post-h38.jpg   post-h39.jpg

Perched atop the 26-gallon tank you’ll find a 110V-powered, 1.5 HP electric compressor motor which turns on and off with a smart-looking red switch.  Two gauges on top monitor air pressure inside the tank (right) and the pressure going to the tool attachments (left).  A knob allows you to adjust the output pressure according to the need of the tool you’re using at the moment.

post-h24.jpg   post-h23.jpg   post-h21.jpg

The quick connect hose fitting located on the left rear of the compressor is like every one you’ve seen before.


As it says prominently on the box, this is a “quiet” compressor.  By twisting a knob at the rear of the compressor to select “light duty,” “medium duty,” or “heavy duty,” you can limit the speed of the compressor to “shush it up” as my grade school teacher used to say.

post-h41.jpg   post-h42.jpg   post-h43.jpg

The Husky can handle a maximum pressure of 155 PSI — enough, even, to pump up those old Cadillac’s air shocks that the pump at the gas station leaves flat — and can deliver 4.0 CFM at 90 PSI.

The Tools


While the tank and compressor are probably what drew you to the product in the first place, Husky also throws in a full complement of pneumatic goodies.  This is where the value really starts to kick in as those goodies are air toolsLots of air tools.

The tools that came with our Husky had a quality feel to them.  Most were fitted with red flexible rubber grips that felt good to hold and provided good purchase during heavy use.  Our shop and the tasks we take on it it aren’t always spotless, though, which means the nice red color will likely convert into a dirty rust/blackish patina over time.  But that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

Each tool is also clearly labeled with a marker for oiling spots for tool care and warning labels for safety — though we suspect the warning labels will wind up slipping off in a days time under hard use if not mindful of them as we were.

Let’s take a look at each tool individually:

The Ratchet

post-h3.jpg   post-h4.jpg   post-h5.jpg

Whenever movie makers want you to know that you’re in some sort of repair facility, they always throw in the sound of an air ratchet.  That’s not surprising as air ratchets are extremely useful in the shop. The 3/8” ratchet included with the Husky is pretty much like every other ratchet you’ve used.  Its controls are simple: a direction selector switch on the located on the back of the head and an activation lever.

The Impact Wrench

post-h6.jpg   post-h7.jpg   post-h8.jpg

The 1/2” impact wrench is large and heavy.  As with the ratchet, the controls are simple.  There’s a front-to-back-style directional switch above the trigger — push in for forward and push out for reverse.  There’s also a knob at the bottom that controls the wrench’s torque output.  It’s labeled 1 (lowest power) to 4 (highest). 

The Spray Gun

post-h9.jpg   post-h10.jpg   post-h11.jpg 

We’ll be the first to admit that we don’t really know a lot about spray guns, but this one looks about average for an inexpensive gun.  The spray pattern is adjustable horizontal to vertical via the rotating nozzle, and there’s a washable aluminum paint container.  We didn’t really have a chance to use the spray gun in our testing.

Read on to page two for more tool unboxing.

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98 Responses to Hands-On: Husky’s 26-Gallon Vertical Air Compressor w/6 Tools

  1. Rick says:


    You guys F-ing ROCK..

    I’ve been researching compressors for some time.. and with my birthday coming up, and the wife asking me for a wishlist… well.. let’s say there’s a number of tools on that there list (and car parts… nothing else).

    In any case.. I had called in, but I don’t know if you guys are going to address it in next week’s podcast.. I had questions about oiled and oil-less compressors, and what impact, if any that might have on certain uses.. (like for painting).

    Anyways, your timing couldn’t have been better.

  2. Rick says:

    Oh, and for the record, I had decided already that I wanted at least a 25 gallon tank and an upright form factor with wheels..
    So this is PERFECT! – There were just so many choices out there it was overwhelming, and there’s really not a good source that I’ve found for non-biased reviews. Except toolmonger. 🙂

  3. mike says:

    what you, and husky themselves, fail to document — is this 110 or 220v?

  4. Rick says:

    Good point Mike.. I forgot about that in my excitement.

    Judging from the HP rating, etc. I would think it’s 110. But maybe it’s only wishful thinking..

    Also, don’t forget that until April 11th, this qualifies for the Home Depot Rebate that was posted on Toolmonger yesterday. ::link::

  5. Rick says:

    Crap.. just realized.. according to Homedepot.com – this is temporarily not available online. So no rebate.. unless it becomes available before 4/11

  6. Chuck Cage says:


    It’s 110 — I’ll add it to the post. Sorry ’bout that!

    And though it’s unavailable online right now, we’ve seen ’em in the stores. If you’re still having trouble finding one, drop me a line via the contact form and I’ll see if I can help you track one down. As active as you’ve been around here, we’re happy to help.

  7. Rick says:

    I’ll let my wife know in case she can’t track it down.. 😉

  8. eschoendorff says:

    I have a 32 gallon version of that Husky compressor. It’s actually a Campbell-Hausfeld made unit and has been pretty good for me. One piece of advice: ditch the impact gun they give you and buy a real one (IR or Nitrocat). You’ll be happy you did.

  9. Old Donn says:

    Get one of these and you’ll wonder why you waited so long. One little tip. Make sure the outlet you plug this into is on it’s own breaker.

  10. mike says:

    chuck: many thanks. if husky themselves, and even the home depot site, doesn’t mention this, don’t feel bad. 😉

    Donn: yeah, i think this probably draws 12-13 amps by itself (peak load on startup), so on a 15amp circuit it should probably stand alone. good tip.

  11. jmk says:

    I bought this compressor about 6 weeks ago and agree with everything in the review. It was a great value and is working well for me.

  12. TL says:

    One other thing to note on this one is that Home Depot puts it on sale / clearance a couple of times a year for $199. I picked up the old model (no quite modes) at that price a couple of years ago and have been very happy.

  13. Ed S. says:

    Thanks for a great review. I may soon pull the trigger and make the purchase.

    FYI, I was searching around some and ran across another site with more info/pictures/video on this compressor:


  14. Eric says:

    I’ve been told that this unit doesn’t have an automatic turn off/pressure regulator. Can anyone tell me if this is accurate?

  15. Ed S. says:

    The compressor turns off when it hits it 150psi max. There is a separate regulator for the tools where you dial in your pressure you need. When the tank pressure falls low enough, the compressor kicks back on. As far as I know, it works like any other compressor…

    BTW, I did buy one and everything looks good so far!

  16. Tom says:

    I got this compressor today, i got it open box from home depot with a 10% discount. the ratchet was missing , so i gotta go back up their tomorrow and get it. Anybody have any problems with the impact, i know its not that great but the one that came with mine to me seems to be broke. It works fine and all but i couldnt even loosen the lugnuts on my car with it. Is it just cheap or is mine defective any information would be great thanx! Im gonna take that up when i go get my ratchet.

  17. John C says:

    The first one I bought had a leaking regulator valve, so I returned it the same day with no problems dealing with Home Depot. The replacement compressor work great until this week. It looks to be a bad motor in this one, so now I have to decide whether or not to exchange it for another one (I have one more week left on my return policy), or to get a refund. My second option is to us the extended service plan, which I recommend if you buy this compressor. I’ve become a great fan of Husky produces and hater of the new Craftsman tools. but round two with this compressor is wearing my patience.

  18. dave says:

    My wife bought me this compressor last year for Fathersday. I installed 500 square feet of hardwood with it. It was on maybe a total of 24 hrs. I didn’t use it for 4 or 5 months, and when I did it wouldn’t shut off. I took it to the nearest authorized repair place. they replaced the pressure switch, and that didn’t solve the problem. air was apparently blowing by the piston….And guess what. Parts are on back order,,,have a lot of things to do this summer and I’m waiting over a month now to get my compressor back….

    My opinion Look for another compressor,,maybe another manufacturer. Not a Campbell-Hausfeld. The one i got sucked….

  19. Tom says:

    My Husky conpressor tip on it’s side and now it will not start. Is there something can do to get it going again ?

  20. x_hobbes says:

    I purchased a predecessor to this compressor a few years ago. Here’s my experience:

    1. Vertical configuration with small footprint — tucks away nicely into a corner and still high enough to easily get to the controls.
    2. Easy-to-read and use controls.
    3. 150 PSI allows for a long run time between charges.
    4. Came with a decent air tool starter kit.

    1. Extremely loud. I imagine that the light- and medium-duty modes will quiet it some, but then you’re waiting around a while for this thing to charge.
    2. Pump broke after about 3 years with only periodic light-weight use. Trying to figure out whether to repair or replace it.
    3. Takes a while to charge up.

    My typical usage was as follows… Charge it up (takes about 5-10 minutes); turn off the power switch (I hate when it kicks on unexpectedly — kind of dangerous if you’re driving a few nails and this thing suddenly fires up making all that noise); use it to dust off some sawdust, etc.; drive a few brad nails; don’t touch it again for several weeks. I never ran it hard or for more than a few continuous minutes at a time. However, last week, sparks started shooting out of the compressor. Not sure what happened, but I’m guessing the pump ceased.

    It was a nice starter compressor, but the noise drove me crazy and its short lifespan is disappointing.

    Keep in mind when shopping for a compressor — bigger is not necessarily better. If you only need periodic short bursts of air (such as driving a few brad nails every couple of weeks), then this compressor is TOO BIG. You will need to wait to charge it up every time you need to drive a few nails (even if you don’t discharge the tank like you’re supposed to — it will lose most of its pressure over a few days/weeks). A smaller compressor with a comparable SCFM will charge up quicker, but cycle more often.


  21. Mark says:

    I have the older version of Home Depot’s 26 gallon air compressor. The tank and tires are about the same but mine has a REAL belt-driven compressor, electric motor and a fairly decent switch. I upgraded mine with a better air filter assembly, lever style drain cock, put on some nicer gauges and divided the air outlet into three seperate outlets with a good oil/water seperator. The first outlet is for my general purpose air tools and smaller paint guns. The second outlet provides air for my HVLP paint guns. The third outlet is for my airbrushes. I have a special 0-50 psi badger brand regulator/gauge combo on that outlet. I use my compressor just about everyday. I paint cars. Do mechanic type work and lots more around the shop with my unit. Only the electric switch went bad one time and that was because I plugged it into a rather weak outlet.
    I was shocked to see Home Depot began selling these air compressors with the newer Suzy Homemaker user-friendly type pumps sitting on top. They are cheap no-good items that never really perform good and eventually fail. My advice is: buy something that looks like it belongs in a proffesional shop and not in your mom’s broom closet.
    By the way….. ALL air compressors make noise, get very loud at times and kick on at a pre-set pressure. For the guy with the nail gun who gets startled to easy….. welcome to the blue collar world. Don’t hurt yourself out there!!!

  22. Roger R Sooknarine says:

    Where can I get a replacement motor for this unit?

  23. Rick says:

    I have an older Husky horizontal version, 26 gallon, 5HP, 110V and up until just recently it worked great with occasional household type use. Recently it would not start. Motor cranks, pump cycles but it will not completely turn over. Pump is not ceased because it turns well by hand and the motor when disconnected from the pump turns on but trips the breaker. Any suggestions for a fix?

  24. Rick if I had to guess, I’d have to say that’s a valve problem. It turns fine by hand because you’re moving it slowly and valve or piston leakage allows the pressure to leak down, so you can turn it fully. But when the motor starts, it gets a half rev around, then slams into a cylinder full of air that the exhaust valve isn’t letting out.

    Is the tank sitting at 0 psi? If it’ll start with no pressure in the tank, but the problem occurs when starting back up at pressure, then there’s a relief valve in the switch mechanism that’s not operating. That’s a separate problem entirely.

    I think these have simple flap valves, so if you take apart the head, the problem should be readily apparent. I’ve never had a compressor open so that’s pure speculation!

  25. Mike Thompson says:

    I have an air compressor that I used about 5-10 times per month. After each use, I empty the tank and leave the valve open to allow for the water to drain out. I really don’t like having fill the tank prior to each use, but I have heard that this is a required step to protect my air tools. Is there something that I can do to keep the air in the tank and still protect my tools?

  26. Adam says:

    You can get a solenoid valve kit that will periodically purge the water from the tank. I don’t know where the valve is on this particular tank or how much clearance you have, but they work well in industrial situations. I wouldn’t recommend it if you can hear the compressor from the house. It uses pressure from the tank to blow the water out and then if the pressure gets too low your motor kicks on. Could make for some unhappy neighbors or family members at the little hours in the morning.

  27. Gregaz says:

    Problem, not about this model, but a Husky 6 gallon oilless unit. I have had it for only 1.5 years, only low use at home. Will not build pressure, no leaks so I think problem in cylinder/piston ring. I cannot locate parts and if I cannot will have scrap unit which does not make sense. Anyb ideas

  28. Zathrus says:

    Gregaz, toss the unit in the trash. Oilless pumps are non-serviceable.

  29. Gregaz says:

    Zathrus, thanks for this advice. Next purchase will be a design that can be repaired. The only way to fix this is to replace the compressor/motor unit as that is how it is manufactured. The cost for this is the cost of a new compressor!

  30. Gregaz says:

    Oh, any recommendations for a good home air compressor that can be repaired? Minor paint/tire reflate etc. Thanks

  31. Zathrus says:

    Any that use an oil-lubed pump are repairable. But then you have to keep up with the proper maintenance schedule, make sure the oil doesn’t affect your paint sprayer, etc.

    One other upside of oil-lubed compressors is that they’re generally quieter.

    Note that oil-lubed compressors are usually considerably more expensive than oil-free; largely because they’re marketed to professionals, have longer duty cycles, etc. I’ve seen some cheap ones recently, but I don’t know if they were any good; I’m not really in the market at the moment.

  32. Jason says:

    I guess nobody here used thiers very often or something cause mine was complete trash. The impact gun broke first, then the air ratchet exploded. And yes I oil em every time they were used. Now the compressor will get up to the pressure I have it set at, but when I use up the air and it gets back under pressure it wont cut back on by itself. I have to shut it off for like 2 minutes then turn it back on. And once it didnt shut off where I had it set @ 80psi, I walked over there and the guage was past 150… Im still fighting with Home Depot to get a refund or another compressor.

  33. Jeff says:

    I received mine for Christmas 2006. I have not encountered any issues with the unit at all. I do not use it every day, nor every week. My use of the compressor is situational. When a car breaks down, I use the compressor and cars have been breaking a lot lately. The impact gun has plenty of torque and really takes to rough duty well when I am out in the rain taking off the tires. Do remember to oil it every use though, as I didn’t do it once and you can definitely tell. The ratchet works as expected, although as mentioned in the review, can be hard to fit in some places. I have put this through some heavy use periods where it would cycle frequently during use. The motor shroud tends to get very hot in these instances, however continued to function as expected. The quiet mode does significantly lower the noise output, however it runs so much longer that increases the heat generated by the pump as well. If this compressor were to die in the near future, I would most likely investigate an oil lubed unit that can sustain more cfm @90 psi. That being said, I think that this is a great compressor for the home workshop use (not for home based business workshops). I believe that HomeDepot no longer offers this model, and the Husky website does not list it as an option either. PS I have not found a use for the die grinder, or air chisel yet either.

  34. SteveG says:

    I bought the 30gal model with tools and it was defective out of the box. Never got above 90psi even if I left it running for a 1/2 hour. I found out that the check valve opens whenever you hit the On switch. With the switch in the Off position air can be felt/heard escaping from the compression chamber air intake. On top of that, it will not turn on successfully unless it is under 40psi. Unlike one of the previous posters, not even if I let it sit for a long while. Obviously defective and this was confirmed by the company that bought the compressor assets of Husky (or rather their parent company Campbell Hausfeld, I think). Yup… they went Chapter 11 back in March and Home Depot didn’t tell me that when I bought it last week (April). So that warrantee isn’t worth the paper it’s printed on. Home Depot is also guilty of fraud IMHO since they aren’t informing people that if there is something wrong you have to pay to get it fixed. Even if it came out of the box that way. A BIG disappointment.

  35. SteveG says:

    As a follow up… I forgot to mention that I found this out when I called Husky’s customer support number. It said that if you had a compressor to call a different number, for all other products there is no support at the present time and to check back later. When I called the other number I got a company in Minnesota that bought just the compressor assets (not the problems, of course). They said that right after they closed on the acquisition the parent company folded up their tent. Yet the Home Depot manager I complained too knew nothing about this, the Husky website is still up, and I’ve failed to turn up anything on Google. Guess I happen to be on the bloody lead edge of that new story.

  36. Jim says:

    I’m on my second 32 gallon Husky compressor in the last three years. My first one broke within the second month. The connecting rod broke in half while it was running. Home Depot was good about it and replaced it without issue. Today I go to fill the tank and I find it will not go over 45PSI. Reading above, it sounds like this thing is toast. This compressor runs two to three times a month at most. When it runs, it is just to fill the tank and then we’re done. It’s not like this compressor is running hours on end pulling industrial duty. This is light duty at best and well oversized for it actual use. Having two break like this is very disappointing. I

  37. Jim says:

    Finishing……..hit the &^*& button.too soon.
    I will not purchase another husky compressor and will look at the rest or their tools a little differently. Its a shame you can’t trust the products you purchase now days unless you pay a premium price for them.

  38. Zathrus says:

    SteveG, kindly provide any proof whatsoever for your claims.

    Husky Tools is a line made by Stanley exclusively for Home Depot — and Stanley Toolworks certainly did not file for bankruptcy. The compressors are, indeed, made by Campbell Hausfeld, and there’s nothing about them filing for bankruptcy either.

    I’m not going to say anything about the quality of Husky tools or compressors, but claiming that they’re insolvent is crap.

  39. Ashley says:

    I am having trouble with my husky 26 gal….it never turns off, and seems to never get to max psi??? anyone know a place to have this repaired in phoenix?


  40. jubily says:

    check the warranty with Coleman Powermate

  41. Dennis says:

    Good luck trying to get warranty work.

    I’ve used the 26 gallon model for the past 1.5 years, medium duty. The contacts burned so it will not turn on reliably. I suspect the turn-off problem is about the same. If you pull the covers with a #25 torx you can easily see and get at the relay. Look at the relay’s contact points. You might be able to file them down to get it to work.

    Good luck

  42. Paul Wissler says:

    Campbell Hausfeld did not go bankrupt and did not make the compressor you guys have been writing about, the 3 speed model was made by powermate product which did go bankrupt in may 08 they at the time also owned sanborn compressor, they were acquired by MAT holdings , they will not honor any warranties and will have some of the parts thru service centers as of August 08 we have not had much info other than a letter saying they are getting organized. Campbell Hausfeld does make some of the Husky Compressor look for the Husky Pro Label. other companies make some of the Husky and Ridgid compressors some of the Ridgid were made by Campbell some by others, The 3 speed compressor was a problem child, oiless compressors by nature are for light duty short run work, no air cleaners so you feed your tools all the dirt, can not run for long periods with out rest between cycles. Please dont run down Campbell Hausfeld they are very good about customer service and try to present a good product for the price and support it, From a service center who gets to see it from the other side

  43. Scott says:

    I am in the market for an air compressor for automotive repair type work. I want 5 or more cfm @90 psi. I discovered the husky pro vertical units at home depot which are made by campbell hausfeld. You can tell they are CH by the VT part number on the tank label. My local home depot has the VT 6315 in a 26(or 28, can’t remember) gallon tank($384) and a more updated looking VT6315 model with a 30 gallon tank($399). Both are oil models with the same pump part number on their labels – cast iron pump with 5.5 cfm @ 90 psi. I am tempted by the 30 gallon model because it is the oil type with seperate motor and pump unit.

    To those crying “take it easy on CH”, if the company had really good quality control and a well designed product, then the reviews wouldn’t be so mixed. Even though it would be overkill, I would really like to get the ingersoll-rand GarageMate portable 24gal vertical tank air compressor, but it runs close to $600!!! I know it would be a great product though

  44. comp guy says:

    When these oil-less compressors go, it’s typically the brushes on the motor, or worst case, the motor itself, the pump assemblies are pretty robust. Oil-less compressors use same motors as those found in vacuums, so check your local vacuum repair shop for a motor repair/replacement.

  45. Brandon says:

    The brushes crapped out on my oil-less motor. No wonder why it was $40 at a tagsale, the life of these things are ridiculous.
    I have a portable Emglo electric oil motor which is probably about 15 years old now, and it still runs just fine.
    Yet, a compressor that is only 2 years old is no good?
    What junk, Campbell Hausfeld can go take a flying leap, I’ll never buy their crap again.

  46. Steve says:

    Don’t forget. You can sign up for a variety of credit cards and get actual cash off the purchase. My wife and I signed up for two credit cards and received $100 of the $299 price. We received the 26 gallon Husky with all the tools for $199 plus tax. Given the comments in this website, we got a great deal.

  47. amanda says:

    i have this same compresser… the plug in the bottom that you let moisture out with is cracking. do you have any idea for how to fix it?

  48. Shawn says:

    I have had this exact compressor for over two years now. I use it and the air hammer and ratchet quite often when working on my Jeep. It has worked flawlessly since I first plugged it in. I installed a filter on the air outlet and have never even gotten any water in it. I keep it turned on and full all the time so it is ready to go when I need it. It is one of the best tools in my garage. I’m surprised anyone has had problems with it.

  49. Linda Long says:

    We have the 26 gallon 5.5 hp Model #WL650702AJ, serial #L11/20/03-00868.
    The belt broke. Home Depot does not carry parts. The # on the belt is
    #BT012100AV. How can I order this particular belt or the generic belt to replace? I am having trouble finding.
    Linda Long

  50. jeff says:

    Parts can be found here. http://www.chpower.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/chSearch_10051_10001_-1

    Just do a search for that belt number on that page.

  51. Jack Farrier says:

    I have a Husky WL650703AJ. It stops gaining pressure at 120 psi, but continues to run. At what pressure should it automatically shut off?

  52. mikejengineer says:

    Gregaz Says: Problem, not about this model, but a Husky 6 gallon oilless unit. I have had it for only 1.5 years, only low use at home. Will not build pressure, no leaks so I think problem in cylinder/piston ring. I cannot locate parts and if I cannot will have scrap unit which does not make sense. Anyb ideas

    Exact same thing on the same model happened to me today.

    Husky has now made my NOT BUY list.
    Right there with an oil-less Sears CRAFTSMAN compressor that did the same thing but was used a descent amount.

  53. Zathrus says:


    No, what should make your “not buy” list is oilless compressors. They’re well known for having failures of this nature, and they are not repairable.

    Yes, you have to pay more for an oil compressor, and you have to do maintenance, but it’ll last forever.

  54. Gary says:

    I just had my Q19 crap out on me today that I bought on 11/7/07. I used it for light work and never at extended periods of time. It’ will no longer build pressure. Home Depot can suck my d1ck. I can’t wait until they file chapter 11 with the rest of the worthless companies that build the crap they sell. When are companies going to start standing behind the $hit they manufacture? I don’t willingly walk into an american run business, drop $200, and hope in a less than a year and a half, I have to do it again. F*ck Husky, f*ck the companies that bought them out, and f*ck Home Depot in their dirty rotten stinkhole.

  55. shirleel72086 says:

    I am a widow with a air compressor unit that I bought for my husband several years ago for christmas before he passed away. We built our present home with it and love it, Inow have two helpers in projects, one is 19 and one is 13, they are grandsons. We got out the nail gun to put up paneling and put down flooring, the gun is leaking air around the trigger and wasn’t doing this the last time we used it, can you advise us as to what we can do about this problem so we can continue to use it, thank you widowed grandma

  56. acer says:

    Shirleel, I would take it apart and find where the leak is and try to fix it somehow (replace gasket, glue or silicone it, tighten if loose, etc.) If it’s not fixable then I’d replace it.

  57. Mike A says:

    Yes, this is a great AC; however, following a huge paint job my’n required some maintenance and finding parts is nearly impossible. I’ve searched for a new timing belt and had no luck. If anyone knows a part supplier, please advise.

  58. Cliff says:

    My 26 gal vertical Husky was laid down when it was transported on a trailer, it now only will reach about 80 psi and then the motor really struggles and sounds like it is gonna sieze up, I have to manually turn it off. Any ideas on a repair….

  59. Tim says:

    I have a 32 gallon version of that Husky compressor. It’s actually a Campbell-Hausfeld made unit and the pistion shaft snaped is their a recall on it

  60. Stan says:

    Anyone that would actually reccommend an oil less compressor obviously hasn’t seen what I have being in the repair business. Oil less compressors are okay for mom and pop to air up a tire once in a while. They ARE NOT meant to run for any lenght of time at all. Then there is the parts problems especially on this brand that could have been built by CH or RIDGID, try getting parts….it is a joke. So if you want to buy CHEAP by this model just remember you get what you pay for, and it doesn’t take up that much room while you wont be using it.

  61. GMH says:

    Oh Oh, I just picked up the latest version (H1826F Model #) of the Husky 26 Gal 1.5 HP unit @ Home Depot for $199. I have two Audi A4’s/S4 (Twin Turbo’s) and I bought the compressor for general weekend garage use (and because the cars are maintenence intensive to say the least). I haven’t even plugged it in yet, as I was going to run an independent line with it’s own breaker, but after reading all of these posts I’m wondering if I made a mistake. It was on sale and a great buy for my first compressor, but I’d like it to work properly and last just the same. Has anyone bought one recently and had better luck? Or should I just dump this thing back @ the “Depot” cough up some $$ and buy something better? And what would that be for a weekender like me? Any help is appreciated.

  62. james adams says:

    i have a 32 gallon husky compressor and i can’t figure how or what to take off to replace the belt on it, is there anybody that might know of any pointers on replacing it? thanks james

  63. andre says:

    I have a 30 gal husky Quite standup compressor. Used it on and off for 1 year. the drive belt broke and trying to get a new one is a pure pain in the A$$. Bought at Home Depot, they dont carry parts husky don’t list the belt seperate, you have to buy a new motor and pump assembly at about $150…

  64. brad says:

    I have a a 30 gallon standup husky with the same motor that is in the picture…switch went bad. motor and pump still good. will sell both for $70…obo email me at bandbsmith@att.net

  65. Jeff Kizer says:

    Why oh why would anyone buy an oil-less compressor? They are noisy pieces of junk. It makes no differance if this is your first compressor, BUY QUALITY!!! As the old saying goes, You get what you pay for. I see far to many people out there today buying cheap products and expecting them to be first rate. Forget Home Depot, Lowes, and all the mom and pop stores, if you want a great compressor shop someplace like Northern Industrial. And if you want REAL QUALITY, buy a Quincy air compressor. Yes, they are expensive, but you won’t have all the frustration that everyone is talking about on this site. trying to get repairs done or having to eat that one and buy another one. BUY IT RIGHT THE FIRST TIME!! That alone is totally worth the extxa money…
    Live and learn, Die and forget it all !!

  66. Tommy says:

    I bought this compressor a couple of years ago. I’ve never used it for anything but putting air in tires. The last time I tried to use it flames came out of the front of it and it tripped the breaker. Needless to say I am not satisfied with it at all. It seemed like a good deal when I bought it but now I wish I had gone a different route. I bought the lesson so I think it will stick with me for a while.

  67. Jake says:

    I own both this compressor and the 19 gallon horizontal compressor. I love them both but they both need brushed. I cannot seem to find the brushes anywhere. Any help? I need my compressors. thanks.

  68. Tom says:

    Tommy… I have to say, you left me laughing my butt off.

    Next time, record it and send it in to Funnies Home Videos.

    I know it’s not what you wanted to hear but I couldn’t help myself.


  69. Tom says:

    Ok, I just bought my second used Huskey.

    I had the 5+ HP 26 gallon before I moved and I loved it (except for the noise).

    I just bought another one after our move and It’s the 26 gallone vertical/horizontal model. It’s working well for 175 used.

    I have noticed that it might have an issue though.

    The pressure seems to peak at about 125 instead of 150.
    Sometimes, it only gets to 100 PSI.

    Is there an easy regulator switch to replace for this?

    Any online manuals as well?

    Model: WL650702AJ



  70. STEVE D. says:

    Thank you for your reviews. I am now returning the unopened 26 gallon value set back to the Home Depot. Any suggestions for a higher quality selection for a weekend auto warrior ? Have a great day !

  71. charles says:

    I have the 26gal. for 11 months and it works great,but I just had a problem this week. The motor runs good but the tank does not build up any pressure. I went to Home Depot but they said they would have to send it off for repairs,could take 2 weeks. I use it every day. Can anybody give me any help on what the problem might be.

  72. Rob says:

    I have the Husky 26 gallon oilless compressor. I think its a great deal with the tools. I have never had a problem with the tools. I have worked the day lights out of it. It is used every day for things like painting, auto work, metal fab, tire inflation and a number of other things. The pump and motor just died on it and I was able to get a replacement pump/motor assembly online for $100. I don’t think thats bad at all. Alot cheaper than a new compressor of equal size. The parts for these units are ready availible from a number of online repair shops. Husky is not the manufacturer and CH made the same unit, part for part and put there name on it.I bought this compressor knowing that oilless doesn’t last.They do burn up.. This comes down to homework! Know what your buying.If you want your compressor to last forever, spend the money and get a industrial quality lubricated compressor. To end my speech, I would recomend this unit to other people. I ‘am very pleased with the work its done for me and the lack of maintenence it requires.

  73. David says:

    I just bought one of those Husky 26 gallong compressors and it leaks 10psi overnight. Is this normal or should i return it?

  74. CHAD says:

    Where do I get a belt for this unit?

  75. willette says:

    i have a 26 gallon 1.8hp air compressor and every time i plug it up the circuit jump. can you tell me whats causing this to happen. can you please send me a respond to my email.

  76. Mike says:

    I have this compressor and need it repaired after pulling the hose a bit too hard and having it dump over. Any idea on where to get it repaired…preferably in the northern VA area?

  77. Ken says:

    So? Since you’re purchase, is the compressor/tools still running?

    I am curious as I just bought one w/ 2 tools from HD for $199 and after everything I’ve been reading (from other sites) I may have made a mistake.


  78. Sean O'Hara says:

    Yep it’s still going strong. Though we had had to replace the hose twice and the tire filler attachment broke about 6 months in. Other than that its as advertised. Tough little tank.

  79. NEAN says:

    Hi! We have a Husky 25 gallon upright compressor I have a question about, model # E104248 (if that helps). Has anyone ever laid it on it’s side and had any issues? Is that a serious “no no” for these upright compressors? We have a new area to store it while still being used daily, but it’s too tall and would fit perfectly in the new spot if laid down. Thanks for any input!

  80. Mary says:

    Model # F2S26VWDVP husky 26 gallon compressor – top shroud missing. appears to be obsolete, any suggestions as to where i might find this part? thanks, mary

  81. David says:

    Anybody know how to remove the metal part from the conector the hose snapped off leaving the metal part inside and I can’t get it out

  82. John Holovack says:

    biggest piece of crap I ever bought,cheap maufacture.parts are expensive.regulater broke,head gasket blew,very noisy.my 40 yr old craftsman still running strong,glad I didn’t sell it. the dealers should stock parts,seem only available online

  83. Kevin Rissling says:

    A bit of advice from someone who has to repair these things everyday – buy a good brand name that you can get parts and support for easily, and oiless compressors are only for super clean environments where noise is not an issue or else they will not last. Direct drive oil type compressors are loud due to the high RPM’s of the motor (they give a short recharge time and are typically cheap but that is their only advantage). Remember, you get what you pay for.

  84. Tony says:

    I got a Husky 26 gallon. Piston ring went bad (simple fix)BUT…..they make it so you have to buy a whole new motor for over 200.00 Only had it a short time. Home Dopot gets them from China….like the man who posted earlier, you get what you pay for. I know that the part I can’t buy seperately would only cost a couple bucks.

  85. Tony says:

    As far as my research goes. If you need a small part for the compressor (a piston ring that should only cost a couple bucks) They require you to buy the whole motor assembly for over 200.00.But that’s Husky for ya.

  86. Joe Cruz says:

    your husky 26gal compressor looks great but can it be used to blow out sprinkler systems at home,and what is the price?

  87. Dab says:

    I have a husky pro 26 gallon and before the pressure gets to 120 psi the release valve open and the air blows out. Can some one tell me what’s wrong with it?

  88. Brynbry says:

    I have a Husky WL650703AJ It does not increase 75 pounds and keeps running. It looks like brand new and has been used very Little. Is it an easy fix?

  89. greg says:

    Model 417 270 husky air compressor started fine within about 10-15 minutes started making a High Pitch shrill noise. I am not going to use this compressor until I find a solution to stopping the high pitch shrill, any help is much appreciated. I have had this compressor for approx. 8 yrs. now. Also, I got 5 air tools with this compressor, they all seem to work fine with the exception of the orbital sander. Every time I start to use it and apply any and I do mean any pressure it stops.

    • greg says:

      in addition to my original most…I found 2 belts and received them from mastertoolrepair.com. My question right now is which way to turn the allen bolt holding the piston arm to the motor. Is it left hand or right hand threads?

  90. tom says:

    I bought this unit, It’s ok for pumping up tires.
    does not maintain a high pressure very long. Tried sand blasting and it took forever. The belt wore out and I’m having a hard time finding one. 00-0068. Think I’ve found one, but if you know where, please send me a link. Thanks

    • greg says:

      I found 2 belts and received them. My question right now is which way to turn the allen bolt holding the piston arm to motor. Is it left hand or right hand threads?

  91. david marvel says:

    i will like to purchase Gas Air Compressors from your company.Can i have a link that will take me directly to the types of Gas Air Compressors that you carry with the prices attached to it.What types of payment do you accept?

    Have a nice day !

  92. A air compressor is very necessary for off-road car and also for every car. That’s right! Thanks for your information.

  93. rubel says:

    There’s end up being interested being a a lot quicker as a consequence of conduct this”. I had put together quite a few imprecise details about surroundings compressors, having said that I actually efficiently recommended to learn loads of

  94. KERRY says:

    I have one ive had for a few years now…it is Loud..has been since day one…takes up little space…i would not buy another of this brand…

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