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While these cable cutters are more evolutionary than revolutionary, their new design does reduce their bulk significantly, rendering them lighter and theoretically easier to wield than other multi-purpose cutters.  When you’ve got to carry ’em around every day, lighter is better.

By modifying the the spring slightly and adjusting the transmission ratio at the jaws, Knipex achieved the slimmer form factor while retaining the same power as previous models.  The jaws themselves feature induction-hardened cutting edges and are now sickle-shaped to surround the cable’s material and prevent it from fanning out.  There’s also a locking lever to keep the jaws shut for storage.

We’ll keep a sharp eye out for pricing when it becomes available, which Knipex says should happen later in 2007.

Bowden Cable Cutters [Knipex]


One Response to Preview: Knipex Bowden Cable Cutters

  1. l_bilyk says:

    I think these would work great in the pholstery shop to cut hong rings.. no you don’t NEED cable cutters to cut hog rings, but sometimes it really helps to have the hooked jaws because it can be difficult to apply both forward pressure on cutters to keep them planted on a hog ring, as well as pressure on the grips to actually cut.

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